Repugnican win in 2008

I predict a Republican win in 2008, sorry to say, with really little we can do about it unless we can silence the media forked tongues. This country is headed for an election in 2008 we the people can’t win, and it won’t take black box voting, purged voter registers, or harassment at the polls to do it. Rove’s crew, the corporate interests and the GOP are lining up opposition candidate(s) who can’t win.

Barack, Hillary. Give me a break. In 2004 we couldn’t get Joe public to vote in great enough number to remove our certifiable idiot in chief, and this time he’s going to vote for a black president? Americans are still not ready to give gay partners equal treatment under the law, do you mean to tell me they’re ready for a woman president?

And those of us who can scrape together a third party coalition, are we going to do any better than split the vote between the Democratic Party stooge and a third party hopeful? The corporate media will blame the former for defeatism in Iraq and lambaste the latter as unelectable. Unless the power can be pulled from the traitors-to-democracy at the microphones, the average American lout will cast his lot with the Republican mafia/mormon/moron don du jour.

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  1. I think that this assessment is totally off the mark and that the Democratic Party will win the presidency with much fanfare. The only thing that could stall such a win for the Democrats is a still very likely attack against Iran. Then it’s up for grabs in all the resulting jingoism and hysteria that such an attack would be part of.

    But failing this major new extension of ‘The War on Terrorism’ that both parties and the majority of the US population have yet to turn away, then the Democratic Party is up to win the presidency and begin to try to repair some of the damage to multi-national alliances that the Bush Klan have screwed so badly with.

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