Stick that stupid ribbon up your SUV

Profiting on the backs of soldiersI like this group from Austin, The Asylum Street Spankers, and the lyrics to this song. All of their music is great, but this song and dance on the theme of Iraq makes The Dixie Chicks look like the Mary Poppins Trio in comparison. Check out ‘Hick Hop’, also, and the German stuff they do. Stick that stupid ribbon up your SUV… about the real reasons our government got us into Iraq.

3 thoughts on “Stick that stupid ribbon up your SUV

  1. you know, I spent 40 years in Texas and never have been to Austin.
    Back in my doper days I wanted to make a pilgrimage to Oat Willy’s Department Store, the world’s largest head shop, right down the street from the Capitol.
    or something like that.

    That and Hippie Hollow, just because I like the name.

  2. Tony, that was hilarious. Everyone should go check it out. I wish we could get them to come here!

  3. Maybe we could???? They are doing a gig in Denver early April, and would be a great draw for a fund raiser here in CS. Force them ‘Eyes Wide Open’, old peace and justice farts to do some hickhop dancing for justice’s sake for a change! Can’t hurt to ask , I guess? All they can do is say NO.

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