Holey Statistical manipulation, Batman!

I know, the first word is apparently mispelt. Fear not.

I was re-reading the America drowning in corporate legal issues thread. I had a nagging thought to the back of my mind as to something being horribly wrong with the premise stated about halfway by our Resident Provocateur the lawyer. Michael put in a reply using verbatim an OPINION piece written by a man who Michael assures us is black, as though that makes a hell of a difference, but supposedly proves the good nature and all the good things capitalism has done for us.

The writer comes up with some startling “factoids” which look remarkably like the “why do liberals hate america?” bullpoopoo the right wing comes up. The first so called fact was on the lines “everybody knows Hollywood is making anti-business movies”. Ahem.. Everybody knows? Isn’t that an exclusive term, used primarily in statements you know from the beginning are going to be bigoted? Since I speak fluent RightWing Lunatic Fringie, I will pretend to be a conservative thinker and answer with the standard “well, everybody but YOU, obviously.”

And which businesses are being slammed? I haven’t seen many movies lately, but since a little later in the piece the writer was crying about all the middle class type businesses, and in what movies I have watched, even the more radical ones, these guys aren’t portrayed as villains, I see no point to that slam.

Then something about the Average Hollywood Star makes more money than the vast majority of businessmen.
Oh Kay.
Leave me correct the misusage of the English language here. Average and Star is comparable to using the adjective Stupid to describe the noun Rocket Scientist. Or combining two adjectives (Star can be an adjective as well, like star player) like “pretty ugly” or “awful good”.
And which exact Average Stars? Since the entertainment business is in fact a Business, complete with business agents, corporations, and indeed is tied closely with the other information media commonly refered to as the Press, wouldn’t condemnation of their businesses and corporations mean that he himself is Anti Business?

If he meant the Average Producer or Average Actor or Songwriter or Scriptwriter then he is talking about a group of people who make less money off their acting or producing or whatever careers than people make by panhandling in Acacia park.

The nature of the business, as with all capitalism, is that the vast majority don’t become rich.

If I go much further with this, it will be really really extremely long and I will wind up writing St Paul type sentences that last for a long long time and never seem to find an end and speaking of which don’t you just hate people who go on and on and on and never seem to shut up …

Kind of like republican commentators whining about how those poor International Corporations are so badly maligned, and that anybody who thinks otherwise is just plain abusive and anti everything.

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  1. The Holey part refers to the great big holes in the logic.

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