Sun sets on Judeo-Christian legacy

All roads lead to Rome. The sun never sets on the British Empire. What’s it going to be for the US empire? I’m guessing something from PT Barnum.

The sun has yet to set on a bigger bunch of uneducated self-obsessed blunderers. What’s the age most people acquire empathy? You know, when we learn the world doesn’t revolve simply to serve us? America, pre-adolescents gone wild. Id-less egos unbridled.

But let’s not flatter ourselves, we most certainly are bridled. We are the US-Israeli empire. Israel being not merely another state, nor a territory or protectorate, but a fully bloomed brain transplant. Between us, who calls the shots?

And while we’re talking empire, should we quibble about the relevance of nationalities? Over the course of the last century the world became America’s de-facto empire. American capitalism overcame international sovereignties the same way it conquered The West, rushing in to squat with commerce. Today national boundaries serve simply to thwart the uniting of their people’s common interests. Fiefdoms divide the working population into manageable groups. But Capitalists own the world, and entities like China and Russia are rogue upstarts to be kept in line, presiding over markets still considered negligible.

Every past empire extended to the reaches of its known worlds. There were always lands known to lie beyond, but they were not part of the world that mattered. Islam, as always, lords over populations almost too poor to matter, until they fight back, hence the renewed effort to keep them underfoot.

But there is more to life than money.

As to the hierarchy of the American Empire, we are Israel’s veto on the Security Council. We are the enforcers to “Israel’s right to exist” in place of the Palestinians. We are the siblings who run the family business while the oldest brother studies the Talmud. We keep the money flowing to the temple, er, Promised Land, though we ourselves are not invited. Israel, beacon of democracy in the Middle East, is a democracy in the Roman sense, only for its citizens. It is not for non-Jews.

There’s a Jewish Anti Defamation League to keep anyone from complaining about that.

An axiom for America? Let us know our place. A self-Chosen People employ a narcissist brute to do the heavy lifting. American Empire handles the task like a pit bull, dumb and disposable. Raised with a short attention span and brutal temperament, Americans rule the junkyard. I think I’m most upset at Israel’s arrogance that their bastard Goy offspring could never bite them in the ass.

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1 Response to Sun sets on Judeo-Christian legacy

  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Actually, I think that it is the other way around, Eric. Israel has become the dumb brute bridled by the US government. Jews have been made into a dumb brute dependent on the US government for political protection as long as they continue their current form as loyal brute carrying out US policies for their owner.

    The ‘chosen people’ are in their majority made up of Christians in the US, not Jews in Israel. That is just as delusional, of course, but there is no PLOT by Jews here (except to continue to rob and occupy land previously lived on by the Palestinians).

    There is a much larger PLOT, though, by the US elites to maintain domination and control of the world. The Jews did not on their own create that plot at all, and it is important to recognize that clearly.

    The real victims of a PLOT continue to be the Jewish people themselves. Their culture has been currently quite reduced down from its previous heights to the level of a piece of construction equipment- the Caterpillar. That was the Christian PLOT against the Jewish people, and only by decoupling Israel from the US Empire will the Jewish people ever be able to rise once again from the level of being subservient brute.

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