Bahrain King Hamad fells monument at Pearl Roundabout to efface revolution, also so his hanging won’t be iconic

The prevailing talking point on Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is that he’s a “good man.” So is his son the Crown Prince, apparently both “good men,” which stands at odds with the ongoing murderous repression of their fiefdom’s pro-Democracy demonstrators and the doctors trying to save them. How genteel an argument, to dismiss reports of massacres, arrests and beatings out of hand, because their reality would simply be too out of character to be believed. Media spokesman for the proto-Saudis and their Western Boyars assure viewers the news is inherently inconsistent with the much-self-beloved royals. How does that square with the sudden calculated move to tear down the monument at the center of the Pearl Roundabout which had become the iconic symbol of Bahrain’s popular uprising and its resilient demonstrators? Oh the sculpture resembled less political symbolism than cake decoration, the usual garish erection by born-in-a-tent nouveau riche. But what are we to conclude was the king’s benevolent motive? A sudden aesthetic enlightenment” I would advise the self-bolstered monarch to fell every structure in Bahrain from which his subjects might be able to string a noose.

AFA Colonel “cleared” of proselytizing

OFFICIALLY, the Pentagon forbids pushing one’s religion off on others.

Unofficially, they push Their Religion, Militarism, off on adherents of every other religion.

Like the Beast described in the Revelation, abandoning the gods of his fathers and instead worshipping the god of Forces.
Doesn’t matter what faith, or no faith, Atheist or Christian or Jew or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or Pagan or Heathen or Wiccan or Servants of Mumbo Jumbo the Crocodile King of the Upper Nile, all the people under their command have to worship the god of Forces.

The “Christianity” being foisted onto the airmen beneath the Colonel is merely Militarism with the name of Christ attached.

Basically the same “God commands you to go forth and KILL in His Name”.

I say that’s blasphemy of a high order.

Problem with it is, for those unfortunate enough to serve under these Creeps, what the Colonel says even a suggestion, is considered an order.

They’re not allowed to question it or to call it blasphemy.

The airmen who brought the charges against the Colonel are going to be punished for daring to defy the god of Forces.

It goes directly to the heart of the Anachronistic Feudalism that embodies the Military Rank system, “officers” are equivalent to “nobles” or “Lords”, and they still own the soldiers and marines and sailors and airmen under their command.

It started with the Knights actually owning everything about not only the soldiers under their command but the soldiers’ families, the lands they worked, the animals they tended, the wild animals in the Fiefdom….

And there’s the notion that when the Lord of the Realm, be it a King or Emperor or Baron or lowly Knight, converted to a new faith or a new version of the Old faith, every one of “his” Peasants had to convert right along with him.

That was Henry VIII’s gig, also Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain forcing the Native Americans to convert to their church, because they claimed their lands and therefore claimed the people on those lands as belonging exclusively to them.

It’s why the English and subsequently the Conquered Vassal states such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales and what’s now Canada and the United States were saddled with the Hanover mini-dynasty.

George the First was probably not the father of George the Second, (he was openly and promiscuously gay) and didn’t even bother to learn English, which he considered an inferior tongue and an inferior people.

He was appointed to rule over England and its Captured Lands and conquered peoples because he was the closest person in the line of Succession who wasn’t Catholic.

But “God Anointed his Majesty to be King”… according to the propaganda.

And, that’s what Colonel Crud is doing. Forcing her Subjects to accept her Religion or else.

Kuwaiti Freedom…

You remember, GulfWarz One…
“Freeing” Kuwait.

Only thing is, Kuwait has NEVER been free.

They’re a Monarchy, a Hereditary Dictatorship.

The Emirs of Kuwait have always and forever been notorious Despots.

Kind of like the Bush family but with no way to vote them out of power.

Ruling their Petty Fiefdom with an Iron Fist and all the smug arrogance they can muster.

Why is it that the U.S. government has a lot of “friends” like that?

Is it a Birds of a Feather type device?

Sun sets on Judeo-Christian legacy

All roads lead to Rome. The sun never sets on the British Empire. What’s it going to be for the US empire? I’m guessing something from PT Barnum.

The sun has yet to set on a bigger bunch of uneducated self-obsessed blunderers. What’s the age most people acquire empathy? You know, when we learn the world doesn’t revolve simply to serve us? America, pre-adolescents gone wild. Id-less egos unbridled.

But let’s not flatter ourselves, we most certainly are bridled. We are the US-Israeli empire. Israel being not merely another state, nor a territory or protectorate, but a fully bloomed brain transplant. Between us, who calls the shots?

And while we’re talking empire, should we quibble about the relevance of nationalities? Over the course of the last century the world became America’s de-facto empire. American capitalism overcame international sovereignties the same way it conquered The West, rushing in to squat with commerce. Today national boundaries serve simply to thwart the uniting of their people’s common interests. Fiefdoms divide the working population into manageable groups. But Capitalists own the world, and entities like China and Russia are rogue upstarts to be kept in line, presiding over markets still considered negligible.

Every past empire extended to the reaches of its known worlds. There were always lands known to lie beyond, but they were not part of the world that mattered. Islam, as always, lords over populations almost too poor to matter, until they fight back, hence the renewed effort to keep them underfoot.

But there is more to life than money.

As to the hierarchy of the American Empire, we are Israel’s veto on the Security Council. We are the enforcers to “Israel’s right to exist” in place of the Palestinians. We are the siblings who run the family business while the oldest brother studies the Talmud. We keep the money flowing to the temple, er, Promised Land, though we ourselves are not invited. Israel, beacon of democracy in the Middle East, is a democracy in the Roman sense, only for its citizens. It is not for non-Jews.

There’s a Jewish Anti Defamation League to keep anyone from complaining about that.

An axiom for America? Let us know our place. A self-Chosen People employ a narcissist brute to do the heavy lifting. American Empire handles the task like a pit bull, dumb and disposable. Raised with a short attention span and brutal temperament, Americans rule the junkyard. I think I’m most upset at Israel’s arrogance that their bastard Goy offspring could never bite them in the ass.

The Axis of Evil

The alliance of Chavez, Morales and Castro is not surprising. It is the South American revolution which Castro and Guevarra hoped to ignite 45 years ago. Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba are united by purpose and philosophy, reclaiming power for the common people, emerging from colonial oppression under which they have suffered since the arrival of the Spanish 500 years ago.

Though they fight their Spanish-blooded overlords, their greatest foe has become the United States. American businesses, banks and investors want to preserve their spheres of influence. In addition, the super-rich families which lost their lands in Cuba, or who struggle to retain their power in Venezuela, have taken refuge in the U.S. and have engaged our government to help them regain their fiefdoms.

While Cuba never posed so much of a threat on its own, Venezuela’s oil power threatens to unite the rest of the Americas. Castro has even been emboldened to ask Britain to return the Falkland Islands to Argentina, their rightful owners.

Fidel Castro’s recent overtures to Iran’s outspoken president have alarmed many and ignited renewed talk of the “Axis of Evil.” But the secular socialist state of Cuba has little in common with the theistic nation of Iran. Their governments are diametrically opposed in this regard. However they have a common enemy. Us.

With this possible alliance, it should become clear who is the axis around which these contrarian states are attempting to unite. It is us.

Can we be the axis of evil? The notion that America’s enemies were “evildoers” was pure silliness from the lips of our president. But evil may indeed be an apt description for the axis we provide. I leave you with the American Heritage definition of evil:

evil: n.
1. The quality of being morally bad or wrong; wickedness.
2. That which causes harm, misfortune, or destruction.
3. An evil force, power, or personification.
4. Something that is a cause or source of suffering, injury, or destruction.