Senator Salazar and the Military Industrial Congressional Complex

Trinidad reception for Senator SalazarBill Sulzman attended Ken Salazar’s public meeting in Trinidad yesterday addressing the Piñon Canyon expansion. This from Bill:
Salazar came across as a bumbling idiot. The questions he keeps asking are merely rhetorical. He doesn’t want answers. He just continues to hide behind them. The “crown jewel” remarks which are referred to in the Chieftain story went on at some length and were downright scary. He is a proud, card carrying member of the military, industrial congressional complex.

From Salazar: “You have to know that I believe that we in Colorado are the crown jewel of national security.”

And: “There was some communication from the army that they would be willing to provide contracting work that would mean about 107 jobs.”

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1 thought on “Senator Salazar and the Military Industrial Congressional Complex

  1. Translation: “we gonna take y’alls land whether y’all want to sell it or not, but we might hire a hunnert ‘n’ seven of y’all who can lick boot the best”

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