Sen. Salazar surveys the public opinion

Ken Salazar has called a meeting at the COS City Council chambers Wednesday Aug 29 to solicit the opinion of local area representatives about the proposed Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site expansion. The public is invited to attend (10am tomorrow) but the 15 representatives have already been selected. Invited to speak are:

Mayor Lionel Rivera (introductions).

County Commissioner Chair Dennis Hisey (of Fountain).

State Senator John Morse.

State Representative Bob Gardner.

Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Chair Commissioner Wayne Williams (military and transportation issues).

Veteran’s Committee Chair Retired Gen. Bentley Rayburn (Vet cemetery and other Vet issues).

Chair of Chamber Military Affairs Council Retired General Wes Clark (defense contractor as President of SAIC near Peterson, will talk about history).

Chair of Chamber Military Affairs Council’s Pinon Canyon committee, Retired General Ed Anderson (former Ft. Carson Commander).

President of CS Chamber Military Affairs Division, Brian Binn (will talk about local economic drivers).

CEO of the Colorado Springs Economic Development Council, Mike Kazmierski (will talk about competition from other cities and BRAC).

Chair of Defense Mission Coalition Tony Koren

CEO of Pueblo Chamber, Rod Slyhoff.

Chair of the Pueblo Economic Council Marv Stein.

Assistant City Manager Greg Nyhoff (will talk about how City Development processes and the Airport relate to encroachment issues at bases).

County Development Director Carl Schuller to talk about processes and encroachment issues in the County.

2 thoughts on “Sen. Salazar surveys the public opinion

  1. Tthere’s not much advance notice, but we need to be there to protest these RATS tomorrow.

  2. And rats they were, too. Watching Ken Salazar pretend to oppose Pinon Canyon or the Iraq war, and always playing Mr Goodbar with the likes of Richard Skorman in tow makes one want to vomit.

    It really gets me when I hear people say that he is not a Democrat really….. as they always put it. Well he really is though, Folks. It’s as silly as would be saying that Tony Blair is not really a Labor Party leader. Well, duh, he really is, too, a Labor hack. We got Democratic party hacks, and they got Labor Party hacks. Both act like Tories, too.

    All these folks want is more base, more bombs, and more cops. They want it whether they call themselves Democrats or Republicans. Pretty simple to figure out really. Yes, Ken Salazar is a Democratic Party politician and he’s sticking with the Pentagon all the way.

    I had to leave as it is just too phony to listen to.

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