The Problem? Americans hate their neighbors and themselves

The biggest political problem in the US is that Americans hate their neighbors, and our neighbors hate us as well. We have all been taught that the common folk have no good qualities, and that only the corporate world of top dogs is competent at least, unlike ourselves and our neighbors who supposedly know nothing and can do nothing right.

That is a big problem since it it precisely the reverse of what is actually true. In a corrupted society like the US, it is mainly the criminal element that rises to the top and not the non criminal. Contrary to popular opinion promoted in countless cop shows and Hollywood movies, the criminal element is not principally made up of taxi driver robbers, convenience store hold up men, and Bonnie and Clyders all at the bottom of society.

The criminal class is not principally engaged in drug sales out in the bad ol’ ‘Hood’. Can you guess where and how you can find them? Hint… the main body of criminals are quite well dressed compared to most of the folk you probably deal with in your personal life. ‘Clothes make the man’ is a good line of reasoning, but the well dressed folk is what one should be suspect of in the search for criminality in America. Criminals most often have a fine wardrobe.

So why do Americans hate their neighbors so much, and hence hate themselves, too? Who teaches them this self hate? Why do they adore, admire, aspire, and put the powerful criminal class ahead of themselves all the time? It is a complicated question without perhaps a single answer? But one thing is for sure, Americans hate the common man, the common worker. They hate themselves. And that is the principal barrier to any change being made possible for Americans.

Americans hate themselves and their neighbors. Instead, they prefer being delusional and thinking that the better off classes are better than themselves. They hate themselves for being ‘poor’, and think that that comes about because they are somehow defective and therefore more sinful unlike the better set crowd. This perhaps is the real reason that American folk refuse to much work together with their neighbors for change. Instead, they look for ‘leaders’ to follow, always find them, and then discover they have gone nowhere once again… led by their noses.

Led by criminals… well dressed ones, but even more criminal… they are led by well addressed and admired criminals. Our countrymen’s love of the wealthy and their desire to become wealthy means Americans no longer much aspire towards being a democratic society, as possibly our ancestors once did several centuries ago. Instead, they seem most often to hate their lower class neighbors and follow the upper class criminals they hardly know, even when given a choice.

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