The Super Bowl Candy Bar Program

No popped out breast this year at the Super Bowl for fans. Instead, home viewers were entertained by 2 men kissing each other(BrokeBack Super Bowl) in a candy bar commercial.

Oh, eat them Snickers! Like the ‘accidental’ exposure of Ms. Jackson’s breast, the offensiveness of this ad to the gay community was said to come as a complete surprise, too, to the marketing outfit that popped their snickering homophobia out for all to see. Matthew Sheppard’s mom was not impressed at all. The Super Bowl and Mars Company ooze total insincerity, but after all this is the mindset of American professional football today in their pretend macho war games under corporate logo.

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1 Response to The Super Bowl Candy Bar Program

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    I often thought that football was homoerotica. 22 very large men throwing their bodies at each other for an hour, Throwing each other to the ground….

    Then celebrating by slapping each other on the butt and hugging each other…

    Then you cut to the commercials and it’s Dodge trucks (that thing got a Hemi? Sweet…) and they aren’t out to impress women with their mega-horsepower strap ons, no it’s to impress other guys…..

    And of course Ann Coulter. But then she could actually be a surgically altered guy too.

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