United Nations pedophile ‘peacekeepers’

Everywhere in the US liberals want the United Nations to get involved and send in the ‘UN peacekeepers’, even though the UN Security Council is totally controlled by the American government.

And let’s face it, at times the UN troops act in some ways like the US troops do in Afghanistan and Iraq. And in some ways even worse! Like many of the ‘peacekeepers’ having sex with minors in areas under their control.

This has happened over and over in Liberia, Congo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Haiti, East Timor, Bosnia, Kosovo,and yes, Sudan, too. See UN Child Sex Slave Scandals Continue and the latest S Lanka troops ‘abused Haitians’ .

Why are liberals so enchanted about having UN troops being sent into a country? The UN is a total mess and totally under the control of the US. Isn’t it time to stop calling or desiring for the UN to do the US’s mop up operations?

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  1. Avatar Lane says:

    The following can be found at http://www.prisonplanet.com/un_troops_accused_of_systematic_rape_in_sierra_leone.html

    The 75-page report, We’ll Kill You If You Cry, makes harrowing reading, with accounts of children being forced to rape grandmothers, fathers made to watch daughters being raped and other instances of serious sexual assault.

    This excerpt from the Telegraph is expose journalism at its best and atrocity at its worst. The world under human control seems to be getting worse every day. When will GOD (and I don’t mean Jesus) render his judgement against such morally reprehensible behavior?

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