LA police attack peaceful May Day rally

We are not alone in Colorado Springs of having a pattern of police abuse of citizens exercising their right to assemble peacefully. This Tuesday Los Angeles saw a police ambush of the predominantly Hispanic crowd during the May Day rally there.

See this youtube video for good footage of this May Day attack Also see Video as police go after cameraman and kick him to ground. And less one think that this police violence in LA is anything less than routine, then check out this video of the LA police in action in 2006.

However, there is city government condemnation in LA of what happened there May Day, unlike with how Colorado Spring’s city government is currently relating to how its police have acted in their attacks on peaceful citizens in events here.

150,000 march through downtown Chicago

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2 Responses to LA police attack peaceful May Day rally

  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    And to make it sweeter that was a DumFox Noose crew they attacked.

    How are Bull Oh,Really and friends going to spin that?

    I was at the laundromat ‘tother day and saw your name up in the corner of the OmyGodZette, some drivel about City learns talking the key to future peace protests… like we were actually protesting peace…

    Those kids have a lot of damned gall, in the immortal words of Arlo.

    I didn’t bother to read their rag. It doesn’t even work for toilet paper, sand and leaves works much better.

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