Why should Bush and Blair be telling Sudan what to do?

Bush and Blair have begun to order Sudan around. Do this or we will wage war on you. But why on earth do some of us seem to think that Bush and Blair have the right to intervene in Sudan? Don’t tell us that it is to stop genocide, PLEASE! The simple call to make is to just demand that the US, British, and any other colonialists just stay altogether out of Sudan’s affairs. And stay out of the affairs of all of Africa, too.

If you are worried about genocide, then do something about your own damn governments role in causing genocides around the planet first. Get them out of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as Eastern Europe. That”s the best way to be spending your time, Liberals. Otherwise you end up in bed with people like John Negroponte. You should be ashamed of yourselves for calling for imperialist intervention into other countries’ affairs. There is nothing humanitarian or progressive about that at all.

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