A Military Myth explained.

When I was making a cage for my pet Guinea Pig, I used crates from an Army dump in Ft Bliss Texas. Had the Red Cross prominently displayed, and the logo:
Lettering on a dynamite box

See, when I was in Boy Scouts, JROTC, Basic Training and Tech School, they kept telling me that the ChinkyGooks (That would be “Asians” to those of us in the More Normal World) had a “paranoid crazy Conspiracy Theory” that American Military would ship Munitions disguised as Medical supplies, and told us that U.S. Army Medics would take the Red Cross off their various uniform parts in order to not be hit by them thar Gawdless Damn Gook Snipers…

Well, apparently, there is a source for this legend.

That lettering says in Mandarin Chinese,
“Red Cross Brand Military Grade Extra Dynamite- 1949”

Apparently, the Chinese were intimately acquainted with the “tricks of the trade” and that dynamite would only have been good during the Korean Conflict which we wound up losing.

I had a friend who speaks Chinese do the translation for me.

Any of y’all who don’t happen to speak or READ Chinese would have thought the package said “Medical Supplies” or something similar, just because of the Red Cross proudly displayed.

And upon finding out that it wasn’t, you would be righteously pissed and never trust anything labelled with a Red Cross again…

But my friend who does the Chinese, ummm… he translated it INTO Chinese for the purposes of this demonstration.

I did mention that I got the crates in question from a UNITED STATES ARMY DUMP, right?

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1 Response to A Military Myth explained.

  1. Think about it, how many, exactly or approximately, of the Chinese or North Korean fighters spoke or Read English?

    About as high a percentage as the Americans who speak and read Chinese, perhaps?

    That’s called “looking at the world through other people’s eyes” and it doesn’t take much practice to get the hang of it.

    Just a lot of practice to not ever lose it.

    Some of our Brothers from the Right Wing Side have come here recently looking for enlightenment. That’s the nice way of putting it, I think they mistook us for a helpless commune of Flower Children or something.

    Who knows? My friend who did the translation for me came to a Liberal Website a few years back, and his purpose was to harangue, harass, insult and generally act like a Troll. Instead he got converted.

    There’s an early second century Saint, Father Lucian, who was a torturer for the Romans. He took the name of his last victim, because the Torturer was broken by the courage, in the face of pain and death, of Lucian. Who died at his hands.

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