Tiki Barber is my hero

Marie Walden poolsideBeware. This is going to be a rant.
Today, I met with great misfortune. I watched MSNBC’s unbelievably sub-par coverage of the Olympics. Jenna Wolfe, know-nothing sports commentator extraordinaire, was recounting her favorite moments of the Games. To her, the most poignant moment was American swimmer, Dara Torres, being wonderfully gracious in defeat. Torres didn’t win, but the moment was inspiring nonetheless. Wolfe’s asswipe co-commentator back home, tight-pants Tamryn someone-or-another, chimed in “if you’re not first, you’re last.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me. Dara Torres, 41-year-old mother of two children, is competing in her FIFTH Olympic Games. She’s medaled in each and every one. In Beijing, she took silver in the women’s 50-meter freestyle race, .01 seconds behind the 22-year-old winner, Britta Steffen. About 35 minutes later, she won another silver medal as part of the American 4×100-meter medley relay team. Her 12 Olympic medals tie the all-time medal record for a female Olympian.

What a loser.

When Jenna Wolfe wasn’t supplying us with completely asinine commentary, she was mocking co-host and NFL phenom, Tiki Barber, for not having a Superbowl Ring.

My favorite moment of the Games? I’d say it was when Tiki Barber called Jenna Wolfe a cunt on-air for all the world to hear. He’s taking all the heat for the “lack of chemistry.” But for those of us who understand and revere sport, Tiki’s words are pure gold.

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3 Responses to Tiki Barber is my hero

  1. Avatar hungrywolf says:

    Jenna is so smoking HOT that she can say whatever she wants.

  2. Avatar Stephen says:

    Sorry Barber is a loser, especially since he had to leave his eight month pregnant wife for a 21 year old intern. This is another example why us Giants fans, do not like Tiki.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Oh, you speak for every other self-admitted fanatic?
    The “fan” Jenna Wolfe said she didn’t like him nor Ms Torres because they hadn’t come in first in their personal sporting races.

    I don’t see a super bowl champion ring on Ms Wolfe’s finger no r any olympic medal, bronze, silver or gold, around her neck.

    Perhaps your dislike of Tiki didn’t EVER stem from his personal life? Maybe, perhaps, it could possibly stem from what you consider your own personal life-failures?
    Tsk, tsk sir.

    You even prefaced your comment with a description of yourself as “sorry”.
    I’ve been taught by some very effective preachers to not do something like that, it’s not an apology for you to do that, it’s you calling yourself sorry.

    They also taught me never to apologize for being right. If you wished to make a strong moral condemnation of Mr Barber’s life or of his rather spirited defense of an Olympic Medalist against snotty, elitist and totally envy-driven comments from a dumb cunt like Ms Wolfe, you blew it on the first word.

    Your comment detracted nothing from either Tiki Barbers words nor Maries. Nor did it detract from Ms Torres’ Olympic victories.

    I’m reminded here of a continuing controversy, where the 1972 U.S. Olympic Basketball team lost a game in overtime, allegedly from a bad call by the game referees.

    Ignoring that if they had played the entire game and had not gotten so far ahead of the Soviet Team that the Soviets COULD win it, perhaps it wasn’t the “bad call” that lost the game for them.

    It happens in sports all the time.
    I would strongly suspect that the March Madness collegiate basketball tournaments had many such “bad calls” and so will the NBA playoffs.
    That doesn’t determine whether a team is composed of Losers.
    What makes the 1972 U.S. Olympic Basketball team LOSERS is that they refused to accept second place. They’ve had almost 4 decades of being crybaby sore losers because of that decision on THEIR part.

    I can swim well enough to not drown, perhaps get from one place to another in the water. If Ms Torres can do much better than that, take a Silver Medal with only a tenth of a second more time than the Gold medalist accomplished, that’s a victory and she’s more than gracious in accepting that fact and celebrating her personal victory.

    Whether or not you’re so consumed with envy that you’d dig up a three-years gone post to criticize on the basis of your so called moral indignation over Mr Barbers personal life.

    Have you, perhaps, started a fund to care for the ex-Mrs Barber and her child, or does your indignation not include any such concern?


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