Conservatism Is For Sociopaths

Oh, those caucasians. Russia and Georgia go to war over Ossetia. Thousands are dead, capitol of Ossetia is in ruins, and Bush has declared we are on Georgia’s side…against Russia. So enjoy your weekend, it might be our last.

Pakistan is toppling dictator Musharraf. Pelosi says “What? You can’t impeach a dictator!”

Condi Rice gives Israel a “green light” to attack Iran and start WWIII.

Witness the Nazi State of Israel.

As we all suspected, Cheney has his own private torture dungeon underneath the White House.

Cheney’s flying monkey Douglas Feith forged document linking Saddam and al Qaeda.

New McCain ad calls Obama the AntiChrist.

A country this stupid can’t survive for very long.

Jury gives Salim Hamdan (bin Laden’s driver) a 66 month sentence, including time served — which means he can go home in January. Needless to say, der Führer is pissed, he was demanding a 30 year sentence.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 8,

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