John McCain role model USAF pilot

Dr Barral interviewed John McCain while a prisoner at Hanoi HiltonWho is trying to taint Candidate McCain as a possible Manchurian Candidate? The theory is that Americans don’t know what was done to McCain while he was a prisoner of the North Vietnamese. Except we do know. This tactic reminds me of the far-out 911 theories which are being hyped to make all 911 conspiracy theories seem far-fetched.

A brain-washed POW is at odds with what we do know about McCain’s bombing-interuptus in 1967. As soon as his NV captors realized they held the son of a US admiral, they treated McCain with kid gloves. They even cautioned their press not to interview McCain on political issues lest he sound like he was kowtowing under torture.

Perhaps however the Manchurian Candidate accusations will prompt McCain to release the records of his years in captivity. He has previously worked to keep POW documents from the public. Now only he can authorize the release of his military records.

While a POW, McCain granted a public interview to a Cuban Psychiatrist who published

“From the psychiatric point of view, Dr Barral has the following opinion on the personality of the prisoner who is responsible for many criminal bombing of the people of DRV:

“He showed himself to be intellectually alert during the interview. From a moral point of view he is not in traumatic shock. He is neither dejected nor depressed. He was able to be sarcastic, and even humorous, indicative of psychic equilibrium. From the moral and ideological point of view he showed us he is an insensitive individual without human depth, who does not show the slightest concern, who does not appear to have thought about the criminal acts he committed against a population from the almost absolute impunity of his airplane, and that nevertheless those people saved his life, fed him, and looked after his health, and he is now healthy and strong. I believe that he bombed densely populated places for sport. i noted that he was hardened, that he spoke of banal things as if he were at a cocktail party.”

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