Americans are stealing babies from Guatemala after all

DNA tests have proven for the first time that a baby adopted in the US, was in fact stolen from a mother in Guatemala. Adopted Guatemala baby ‘stolen’

How many others have been stolen previously, but never were tracked down? Indigenous women in rural areas were always at risk in Guatemala of having their babies stolen, simply because it was so profitable for the criminals involved and because the mothers were so powerless.

This is reminiscent of another recent case of imperialist kidnapping, where a French agency was trying to steal children out of Chad, saying that they were ‘Lost Children’ from the war in Darfur. Chad Charges French Charity With Kidnapping When there is such a power imbalance like these between the US and Guatemala, between France and Chad, and between the US and Iraq and Afghanistan, abuses like this will be rampant.

Children should be treasured and not destroyed by war, poverty, disease, and other forms of criminality that help make the rich richer, and make the poor suffer in silence. What type of world is this where atrocities like kidnapping babies from their mothers goes virtually unnoticed? I have seen it for myself, and it was happening directly inside the US.

2 thoughts on “Americans are stealing babies from Guatemala after all

  1. It is worth considering that the Americans in question may have had no idea that things weren’t above board. The adoption agency, quite possibly staffed by locals, may very well have been at fault.

  2. That is true, and I doubt that the mother whose baby was snatched holds any particular anger toward the couple that would have received her baby. Yet, that hardly compensates for the anger that rural Guatemalans have in general about a society run by the US from afar, that exploits the people of its country in such a thorough going manner.

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