US allied troops sneak into Darfur by way of Chad

It’s really quite simple. France owns Chad, and Britain once owned Egypt and Sudan. The US, Britain, and France are all into North Africa together these days. They want the Chinese out. Enter Zionist Steven Spielberg, and a whole host of other ‘concerned people’. Enter European Union troops (under French, British, and US control) into Chad, the country that neighbors Sudan. Now throw in a sprinkling of tears. Yes, the European Union is now fully engaged in a regional war in North Africa. They snuck into the region through the back door last week, and it will all be very ‘humanitarian’ in the press spin.

Chad rebels say French EU peacekeepers ‘not neutral’ and they are right. The group, ‘Save Darfur’, has promoted a return of French troop[s and towards the newer US colonial control of the region. They must really be happy now.

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