America’s Biblical fairy tale- The President’s caring capitalism

It’s that time of year again, where fairy tales abound. Ho-Ho-Ho!
obama santa 
America’s fairy fairytale of Biblical proportions is the one about the President guiding a caring capitalism forward to the little American kids. On, Dancer! On, Torturer! On, Sniper! On, Bomber! We’ve got presents of democracy, liberty, and freedom to deliver to you all!

You gotta believe in the God of American capitalism though, otherwise a great horde of locusts will descend on your tribe! And our Almighty President will OK it that we rape your women, kill your first born sons, and then rain down a flood of horror which will awash your lands, and sink all except the aircraft carrier with the American flag! …if you do not believe? The President cares, but you must believe or? … well else!

Moses first brought the fairy tale of the caring Almighty God! Then Paul spread the message of the Almighty God’s son, who cared for those sinners… as long as they believe in him. Otherwise, this gentle man and his father promised an eternal Hell to you.

Today our Almighty caring president promises his caring capitalism will free your souls through the power of your faith in it all. You Must have faith in America’s Biblical fairy tale! Children, sleep! Inaugeration Day comes soon! The President cares, and caring capitalism will be your Almighty Salvation! Onward, Silly Christian soldiers carrying the Cro… no the caring Capitalism forward to the Turks! Ho-Ho-Ho! Seasons Greetings!

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