Amy Goodman fliers for distribution

Can you help get the word out about Amy Goodman? We’ve got fliers by the Pikes Peak Media Alliance for pickup at The Bookman, Toons, or the PPJPC. Or you can reproduce the double sided flier from online files (FRONT, BACK). Fliers include instructions for finding AUTRY FIELD:
Autry Field is located a half block East of Shove Chapel

8 thoughts on “Amy Goodman fliers for distribution

  1. So, you think I am a dumb-ass because I prefer the 7pm time slot for Amy Goodman? It actually gives me time to prepare for the show (after work most of the time) and it allows me to not be interrupted for the show. I can actually process the program as opposed to driving while listening which is terrible distracting. I actually have quite a few friends that agree. I totally see your opinion but is it based on real facts or just what YOU want? Aren’t you the guy that actually kept Democracy Now off the air because you caused so much trouble with Mario?
    I heard the show would have been on KRCC a lot sooner if you possessed any diplomatics skills whatsoever. It seems to me, that there would be a better way of doing this and that you as agitator really isn’t what this town needs but a more thoughtful, passionate person thinking about something other than themselves or just a way to do it without coming across as a Fred Phelps.
    Thanks for letting me post my opinion.

  2. Well then, why not take your thoughtful, passionate self out there and YOU make something happen? KRCC is still resisting connecting its audience to DN however it can, to heed the Neocons on the CC board of trustees. What this town needs are fewer excuses for its apathy and inaction.

    BTW that story is just urban folklore which paints me as more significant than I am.

  3. Karen, I kind of like your little narrative. You say that KRCC management wouldn’t put Democracy Now on air for the longest while, all wanting to punish the Big Bad Eric for his Bid, Bad ways? I guess Eric, too, is to blame for everybody having to listen to hours of the insipid National Public Radio crap when they happen to turn the dial KRCC way? Just curious?

    And one other question, does NPR have everybody hold their noses when talking as to give the sound a supposedly more sophisticated effect? Oh, and why does the music KRCC constantly play such bad music, too? KRCC has a whole world of music to pick from but manages only to find such, often time, incredibly ugly sounding material? That’s kind of a real talent of sorts!

    Like all the corporatized NPR airways, KRCC sounds so god awful boring and banal (nasal, even) most of the time. Gee, I hope saying that doesn’t get Democracy Now taken off the air again? Amy Goodman will hate me then, for sure!

    But seriously, KRCC has many problems of its own doing, so I hardly doubt that Eric is much behind it at all. Try maybe, the Colorado College management folk, people like R. James Woolsey’s lovely wife, Suzanne, say? Maybe she might be pulling the strings about what Colorado College will fund and what the CS liberals might then be able to listen to on KRCC? She seems to be a tad bit more powerful and more influential at Colorado College, and therefore KRCC, than the mouse-bitten (Yes, he is!) owner of Toons?

  4. Will Ms. Goodman allow questions from the audience this time? She declined to do so at Shove. Oddly enough, R. James Woolsey did take questions after his talk. If she does, someone should ask her why she has discussed economics with Greenspan, Klein and Phillips, among others, but has not considered John Forbes Nash Jr.’s “Ideal Money and Asymptotically Ideal Money.”

  5. I suspect she will say she is not aware of the work. It is, I think, the most important conception in economics since the invention of money itself.

  6. This is such a joke! Like Amy Goodman holds sway over anything. Yes, she is well-informed and hardworking. But so what? Everyone in the country is against the war already. Everyone in the country hates Bush already. We don’t need to know more. We need to do more. What is Amy going to DO? Who gives a shit about words?

    Pretending that Amy Goodman is our savior is misguided and impotent activism. Just an excuse to sit on the couch. Zzzzzzzzzz.

    NOTE: Eric, I changed the brackets and re-submitted the comment. It would be great if I had the ability to edit my own comments, just as you have. I know that, as a member of the ACLU board, you are a champion of civil liberties. Even on OUR blog!

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