Texas State Government witch hunt and theft of Eldorado children goes on trial

The Texas State Government theft of 416 children went on trial today, with 350 lawyers for the kids and their parents, packed into 2 buildings trying to defend against this total abuse of governmental powers. This is just the beginning of this newest government inspired legal nightmare, which certainly matches the legal nightmare of having to defend the federal government use of torture on the POWs at Guantanamo in the courts, too. The Bush Administration really knows its law NOT. They simply think that what they say always goes down, but this time they are going way too far.

Despite the fact that so many in this country think the parents totally guilty of organized pedophilia just by way of being in this Mormon cult, the government has hardly made any case that would justify what it did in seizing these vulnerable children away from their equally vulnerable parents. This old style Mormon cult does believe in polygamy, but that is hardly the same as automatically believing and participating in pedophilia and the sexual abuse of children, despite media attempts to connect the two into being somehow one and same thing.

How far can the government and its Right Wing Christian religious supporters go in abusing children, prisoners, and any folk that seemingly get in their way? They claim to be big supporters of families, yet they cannot even provide the children of this nation with medical care, despite spending trillions of dollars in murdering people in other lands, and occupying their countries. And yet, the type of government they support is out there claiming to be protecting these children from their families?

How far can the liberal Democrats go in turning their backs on these poor parents of this pathetic religious cult and the poor kids being abused by the Texas State government? Supporting abuse of governmental power is not defending children against pedophilia at all. Short cutting normal legal measures that guarantee rights to children by attacking parental rights is not protecting vulnerable children, but abusing them. The State of Texas has yet to prove that even one single case of sexual abuse of a minor actually took place at this Eldorado ranch, and it is more than a week after they initiated their raid!

The government is simply using the media to try and convict these parents and has little to no evidence of any crimes having taken place. It is all government hear say, and no hard evidence. If the Mormon cultists can have their legal rights shredded in this manner, next it might be you. It’s time to wake up about what a monster your government has been turned into. They are the guardians and protectors of very little these days, and it is just stupid to automatically side with what ‘the authorities’ are doing, even if you have no great love for their victims.

13 thoughts on “Texas State Government witch hunt and theft of Eldorado children goes on trial

  1. One and only one good thing, They won’t have the Post-Mortem trials like they did for Koresh.

    My aunt Jo is a Saint.

    She doesn’t have a “co-wife” and is a science teacher in the Ysleta School District in El Paso. Definitely not the “uneducated victim” type.

    As Tony and Old Bogus pointed out, all they need to say to get away with this kind of crap is that the “cult” is somehow connected to pedophilia.

    They got away with around a hundred outright Murders in Waco.

    They haven’t changed their spots since their “spiritual twins” outlawed the Ghost Dance in the 1870s.

  2. Old Bogus, your latest comment quite vividly shows the vulgar level of stupidity you are capable of reaching in your comments. I’m sure that you are a real trip in person.

  3. I don’t know, he might be doing an excellent parody of the “back the badge” freaks.

    In which case, he’s a comedic genius..

    On the other hand, if he really is one of them, he does them a great disservice.

  4. Actually, I do believe that ‘Old Bogus’ is one of them easily angered, The-Democratic-Party-is-All, sort of folk. She/He seems to specialize in compressing all his accumulated wisdom usually into about a 4 or 5 word sentence where he/she announces that anything to the least bit Left of wanting to vote for the sad sack mainstream DP is all full of shit in his/ her ever so learned opinion.

    That it, Old Bogus? Can’t stand hearing the truth said about the Democratic Party? Get’s you hot and pissed off, does it? Do you hate Nader with a passion, too? Try to write us more than a sentence or two reply and let us learn something about you, Mr/ Mrs Gruff.

  5. Yes, this defnitely should be called a witch hunt. These Texas creeps invaded a peaceful community and literally ripped children away from their parents, crying and screaming!

    Truly horrible and I know for a fact these mothers and daughters are much more miserable now than they ever were at the compound.
    The media keeps adding their spin to make this witch hunt sound justified, but to date, they haven’t presented any substantial reason for this raid, so it is obviousy an abuse of power.

    I hope the church sues the hell out of Texas for violating a number of civil and human rights so next time they’ll think twice before they tear up someone’s home based on a hoax.

  6. I’m with Brian on this and will take it a step further: this is the equivalent of a religious war being waged by West Texas Baptists on a whole differnt group of Christians that the Baptists just cannot understand. Hey they are just thimping their biles a little differently fer Chrissakes. There is statistically just as much incest and sex abuse going on in the Baptist community. Yes I was sexually and otherwise abused being raised as a Catholic.

    God help the children and soon.

  7. I don’t understand your question posed in paragraph #3, “How far can the government and its Right Wing Christian religious supporters go in abusing children, prisoners, and any folk that seemingly get in their way?”

    Those of us who consider ourselves socially conservative and more or less to the “right” on moral/social issues are just as mortified of these gestapo tactics as you are. Who’s to say what these folks will decide next, qualifies as justification for legal child abduction? CPS is one of the most corrupt systems in modern day government. The children who really are in need of protection often “fall through the cracks” because of over extended case loads and extreme job dissatisfaction among case workers —probably because they spend so much time tearing innocent children out of their perfectly fine homes because they were simply victims of accidental injuries, are victims of poverty, or someone has made an invalid accusation ( as is apparently the case in El Dorado) . I’m probably in disagreement with most every other position you take on government and social issues and that’s OK. (I may not agree with you, but I’ll fight with all I’ve got to defend your right to your opinion.) BUT on this issue you are dead wrong to generalize and try to blame this on all Christian conservatives. Most of us are just as disgusted as you are. The scariest thing about it is how many people are too blind to see, that if the government gets away with this horrific crime, it will set a precedent for even deeper intrusion into private lives, and the stripping away of civil rights that we have too long taken for granted.

  8. Then, you’ve got a couple of choices, protest within the system, (“you have the right to free speech but not the right to speak where you can be heard”) “Free Speech Zones”

    or B) protest effectively.

    since the “system” is rigged to squelch any protest, any “petition the government for redress of grievances” protesting within the system is worse than useless.

    It would be, literally, voluntarily being stripped naked, handcuffed, thrown into a torture chamber deep in the bowels of one of Americas many concentration camps and there allowed to scream all you want, until the pigs get tired of hearing it.

    the El Paso county CJC, like every other prison in America, is run the same way (and by the same Torture Freaks) as Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo..

    People who voluntarily take a “job” that involves chaining and beating and torturing their fellow humans do it because they SEXUALLY enjoy the pain of others

    The “Baptist” or other label for supposed followers of somebody who was treated like that, to an extreme, (yes, JESUS)…such labels are only false flags.

    Hitler flew the same false flag whenever it suited him.

  9. A. Fields, you are right. I do tend to overgeneralize at times, as not all conservative Christians are united as if in one giant, vast body of hate. However as Tim mentions, many mainstream Right Wing churches do unite together oftentimes in hateful support of government repression of one type or other.

    What I find of interest, is how the Pope arrived in the US to do a public image cleanup for his church on how the Catholic Church aided and abetted the pedophiles in the priesthood, precisely right at the same time this campaign began against the Eldorado Texas ranch people. Pure coincidence?

  10. As Pope he’s also the de-facto Head of State of an actual nation…

    The Vatican. Sovereign Vatican.

    Not that Constitutional niceties actually have an impact on Mr Bush.

    Doesn’t really have much respect for Churches of any stripe though.

    He’s engaged in a lawsuit against the United Methodist Church over wanting to build a blasphemous idolatrous temple to himself on Church property (the campus of Southern METHODIST University)

    Instead of, you know, building his library on his own damned property.

    He’s selling his ranch in Crawford, btw.

    Although, if I were to buy it (he says while looking at the roughly $1 in change that is his entire portfolio) I would have to cleanse it with a flamethrower before giving it back to the earth, let the land lay fallow forevermore…

  11. I agree 100%, this is definitely a witch hunt by Texas officials! It shows how abusive our government can be and how deceptive the news media truly is. Pedophile hysteria gives them an excuse to violate civil liberties as they see fit because the government believes no one will protest such abuses. Well, this time, they’re WRONG! Authorities made a big mistake in ordering a raid based on one anonymous phone call which turned out to be a hoax. In the meantime hundreds of women and children are miserable and angry. I say unless solid evidence of abuse shows up, return all kids to their parents and leave the compound alone so they may live in peace. I hope the church sues for all the civil violations that occurred. We need to start focusing on the horrible impact abuse of power ignites in our world.

  12. It’s another term, another catchword or catchphrase…

    When the kids at Columbine did their deed, remember that? The snide accusations that they were “misfits” or “social outcasts” or “failures”… we get to hear this about anybody who has been involved in an act of violence or hatred…. Hitler was considered a “failed painter”..

    When somebody “goes postal” at a mall or school or church or well, a Post Office, he’s described (usually posthumously) as being a loner or misfit…

    The powers don’t want to admit, to come right out and say it, the guys who flipped for the Big Fall were and are Joe Everyman.

    This sets a pattern, and it gets faithfully followed… if a church is raided by the “authorities”, be it MOVE in Philadelphia, or the Baghwan in Rajneesh / Elk Oregon, or the Branch of David in Waco, or the Mormon community in Eldorado, or the next in the seemingly endless series of Church Raids, the “failure” and “bitter antisocial misfit loner” tag is going to be applied.

    Somebody will make the comparison to the same tag being used against Hitler or Manson, or Jim Jones, and then flow it in to the unproven posthumous charges against David Koresh… and build the “loser” myth upon the bones of other examples of the “loser” myth.

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