Barack Obama, Sun God!

Barack Obama is our unlikely Sun God. America has suffered an 8 year long total eclipse of The Light of The Sun, birds have stopped chirping, and crops have stopped growing. Isn’t it time for the Sun God to step forth once again, and show that The Empire is still the source of all light? We’re talking real change here, are we not?

Barack Obama is like a Rock Concert! He is the Sun Rising over the cold of night. Be gone vampires! He is the True Cross! Your death will no longer hold sway!

You can see why I am excited about Obama. He is young and reminds me of John F. Kennedy and Tiger Woods both. He is like a Bobby Kennedy and Michael Jackson song from way back then! He is like a young John Denver! It is as clear as night and day, that Obama is Sun, and Dubya is Night! From the fear of death comes life! Vote Barack Obama, Sun God!

It’s all very exciting. With just a bumpersticker to the car, and a vote, America can be returned to all its former glory! It’s easy; it’s fun! Vote Sun!

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama, Sun God!

  1. You can’t be serious? Obama, the Sun God? Seriously? Perhaps the anti-Christ, if that were even possible. I will grant you, Obama IS like a “rock concert”. His deafening rhetoric and attempt to turn America into a Socialist State is overwhelming to the senses.

  2. Those hyper enraged masses who believe that Obama is leading us towards a ‘Socialist State’ are so lost politically in their own made up little peoples’ fantasy world that one can only just say, ‘Whatever’ to them.

    Whatever, Je’…. and don’t let your senses overload too much, Please.

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