CEO Bandits and Gump

gump-posters.jpg The best temp gig in history gives a short accounting of bankrupt Washington Mutual and the CEOs that led the bank to its demise. But what’s new about any of this? Ronald Reagan started this trend off with the Savings and Loan Bailout of the 80s and what did Americans do? Why well they allowed him to be honored as being the supposed ‘Great Communicator’!

Next time you drive down the Interstate and see that stupid sign (paid for by the government) that calls the road ‘The Ronald Reagan Highway’, think about the typical dumb American citizens’s responsibility for the problems we now face? We didn’t just get to where we’re at from the crookedness of one man or one American institution or another, we got here because almost all of America’s population has played stupider than Forrest Gump for decades now. You allowed the CEO class to run away with the goods, while you feasted on WalMart and Dollar General! Chumps! And the best most of you can now come up with is to put the likes of Pelosi, Obama, Clintons, and Biden back in as secondary quarterbacks at the White House?! Today’s America is as gumpy as it comes! Make that dumber than Gump!

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