Chipotle and its crappy, sappy White Bread food comes under attack

TomatoesChipotle’s ‘Mexican’ food is pretty bad IMO. It’s expensive and the ingredients are put together without any cooking skill at all. In fact, it basically is factory preparation of food masquerading as being a model of health food and local ecological responsibility.

Now, like Nike beforehand, all its phony corporate image building is getting exposed to scrutiny, all because they are such cons they thought they could ignore decency in its relations with exploited workers, the farm workers of America.

“We decided long ago that we didn’t want Chipotle’s success to be tied to the exploitation of animals, farmers, or the environment.” Thus speaks Chipotle CEO Steve Ells on sustainable agriculture

But what about the farmworkers? It seems that their demand of 1 cent more a pound of Florida tomatoes has Chipotle turning to other sources of tomatoes to buy from. Because of that, there is now a national campaign to stop them from cutting and running when a group of workers put a simple economic demand on them to wage substandard wages a tiny increment.

See the Coalition of Immokalee Workers site about their expose Chipotle campaign.

2 thoughts on “Chipotle and its crappy, sappy White Bread food comes under attack

  1. I don’t know that I would even call their food “Mexican.” It tastes more like leftovers from the fridge, to me.

  2. As my wife would say, the food has no sazon (Spanish for flair, ability, skill) in the put together. But what can one really expect, because nobody really cooks in these factory, assembly line, fast food places? The best you get is a throw together.

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