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Still no unions in racist Delano, California and racist management and racist owners get caught there once again for abusing their power

…Despite having over a 2/3 majority Hispanic population, it is the racist Anglo community that still runs affairs in Delano, California. For those youngsters who only dimly know their own country’s history, Delano was where the Farm Workers Union tried … Continue reading

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You can’t even trust Goobers anymore

By “goobers” I mean Goober Peas. That staple of American Diet in more ways than you can possibly imagine unless you’re allergic to them, Once Again being recalled due to bacteria that exist naturally in the digestive tracts of Carnivores. … Continue reading

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Chipotle and its crappy, sappy White Bread food comes under attack

Chipotle’s ‘Mexican’ food is pretty bad IMO. It’s expensive and the ingredients are put together without any cooking skill at all. In fact, it basically is factory preparation of food masquerading as being a model of health food and local … Continue reading

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