Colo. Springs unintelligentsia for McCain

Protesting McCain and Palin
COLORADO SPRINGS- Elsewhere, John McCain’s campaign hasn’t been able to draw audiences of more than 500 people, but Colorado Springs folk came in droves. Doors opened at 9am, but cars began queuing at 7. When the event began at eleven, the 10,000 seats were taken and thousands more faithful were still arriving. Plus us.

I held a couple signs, to remind attendees about the KEATING FIVE, HELLO? and about McCain’s dubious Hanoi Hilton mistreatment, P.O.W. FRAUD.

We got a lot of “America love it or leave it” sentiment. Otherwise the opportunity was ripe to confront some of this city’s most ardent war supporters with reminders of a different school of thought.

A half-dozen PETA activists came with compelling issues to put before the crowd. One was dressed as Sarah Palin with a beauty queen sash that read MISS GLOBAL WARMING, another was dressed as a polar bear. Two more were wolves holding signs asking to outlaw the sniping of wild animals from airplanes.


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2 Responses to Colo. Springs unintelligentsia for McCain

  1. Avatar Ron says:

    Still can’t read your posts, but I thought you might enjoy this example of the “unintelligentsia” from TPM:

    On Saturday, Barack Obama mocked John McCain’s running mate for aggressively seeking earmarks in Alaska and campaigning nationally as anti-pork. “I mean, words mean something,” Obama said. “You can’t just make stuff up.”

    I imagine Sarah wondering why Senator Obama would feel the urge to cast himself as a character from a tale by Lewis Carroll.

    She takes a slapshot! Sarah scores!

  2. Avatar tony logan says:

    Sarah scares so many people that McCain will probably lose the election just based on her. UNless…. Unless the ruling elites tilt heavily toward John McCain?

    At this point, I don’t see that happening, Ron. Oh, but I ‘m sorry, you’re not the type of guy that actually is learned enough to even notice the ruling class that you have your nose up the rear end of. or you? Oh well…

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