Conspiracy and Betrayal

America is getting to be something like Czarist Russia, where conspiracy theories swirled about people’s minds big time. Many ordinary Russians back then thought that there were all sorts of conspiracies to control the Czar, who was seen as almost a national icon, saint, and benevolent dad all wrapped up together. Of course he was none of those things. Still, people believed that he was, and that there were conspiracies galore to hijack this good man away from the people.

In America today, conspiracy theories are becoming the IN THING among many sectors of the population. Many nice liberals seem to be prone to fall for the various veins of betrayal and conspiracy thought. Many claim that The Truth is Not Being Told, etc. Yes, but it never is in fact, but the conspiracy fan thinks that this is something new and is caused by a band of conspirators in high power.

Conspiracies are real. There are multiple real conspiracies flying around our country at this very moment, down to the dog track level. But the liberal conspiracy fan, like the Russian peasant of old, fixates on usually only one idea. This idea becomes sort of an obsessive compulsive disorder fixated on political dirt, so to speak. The liberal conspiracy fan sees contamination, and those who do not agree with them are idiots and even part of the conspiracy to deny the political betrayal seen by mainly an elite core group of believers.

The conspiracy theorist believes in devils, Satanic plots, and zombies, who are not informed actors on the scene as they see themselves to be. Over on counter punch. org there is an interesting examination of the current state of this phenomena. within antiwar circles

Conspiracy Theory, Fears of Betrayal and Today’s Anti-War Movement This is scary stuff like a horror show, as nefarious people in dark shadows destroy our nation. Or so thinks the liberal conspiracy fetishist.

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  1. Avatar Jonah says:

    Yeah, and just as a matter of strict semantics, “conspiracy” is actually a legal term closely tied to “Accomplice”, “aiding and abetting” and “complicity”.

    Just as the term “intellectual” is an adjective meaning “educated and intelligent”.

    It’s just when they’re used in rhetoric, which again, is a term used in training for oratory and debate, to describe people with whom one disagrees, it automatically, to a certain receptive audience, the terms mean “Not quite sane” or “irrational” or (as one person said and I never forget this) “so smart that you’re stupid”… which I suppose was so stupid that it actually becomes smart…

    Other words used in similar “propaganda” (spreading seeds, it’s a Catholic Term) oh, let’s make a short list..

    Liberal intellectual conspiracy theory rhetorical propaganda…

    Six words taken in only partial concept, strung together to make a nonsensical phrase which somehow disproves anything the target of the insult says, thinks or believes.

    As in “That’s just Liberal intellectual “conspiracy theory” rhetorical propaganda”

    Sounds vaguely familiar, doesn’t it? That’s what they were screaming at us on St Paddy’s day.

    Works along the lines of “My kid beat up your Honor Student”.

    Now, I suppose the next time they’re charging me with anything, especially anything with a charge of “conspiracy to commit” attached, I could simply say “oh, that’s just a conspiracy theory” and of course, the judge, whoever he or she might be, will be understanding, have a sense of humor, and not charge me with Contempt on top of everything else.

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