Family Values

child preacherWe now have a New Movement on the go in America today, what with John McCain’s choice of who to have beside him in the presidential race, Sarah Palin. This New Movement is one for Christian Family Values and we predict that it will sweep America like no other movement ever has. So in order to help persuade other heathen like ourselves to lay down our arms and allow these Values to take hold in our hearts, we present America’s Christian Family Values, a Salute to Our Christian Young Evangelists at work and play!

Young Preacher – When Will You Worship

This Christian kid is great, isn’t he? Thank you, John and Sarah for making us focus more on family! And now…

The World’s Youngest Preacher

Man, don’t you love it when the young are taught just so Right? These kids are just so cute!
And not to be outdone by the previous 2 young tele-evangelists, here is…

The World’s Youngest and Smallest Preacher

It’s just great that now liberals and Sarah Palin supporters will all go at each other’s throats, isn’t it? The whole world will be watching and having a ball! Meanwhile, The Young Evangelist Movement will be changing the world to a better place, a more comic one. That is, if you do not cry instead? I love that baby preacher!

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