Would Palin just be Cheney’s secretary?

One has to wonder, just what kind of dirt Cheney has on the Democratic leadership, to make them cower so. It must be good, to make Reid and Pelosi into such obedient lapdogs.
Sarah “Cheney” Palin refuses to testify in ethics investigation against her, demands it be called off.

Two-face Biden says Obama administration might seek criminal charges against Bush administration, then the next day (on Fox News) claims it’s not true, and he “doesn’t know where such talk is coming from.”

John McCain’s fellow POW says he is not fit to be President.

Video: Palin addresses 2008 secessionist party convention.

She’s so dumb, she actually thinks the Founding Fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance (it was written in 1892), and that they put “under God” in there, to boot! (that part was added in th 1950s).

If you think the mayor of Columbus is over-qualified to be President, Palin’s just right!

You really gotta wonder if McCain is just plain senile. The only campaign argument he had was that Obama wasn’t qualified, now he doesn’t dare use that one again.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Sept 4, thomasmc.com.

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