Final Solution for Palestinian Problem

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“The more Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, they will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah because we will use all our might to defend ourselves.”
-Matan Vilnai, Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Feb 29, 2008

Normally the term Shoah, Hebrew for Holocaust, is reserved by Zionists to designate the Nazi extermination of the Jews, there being no genocide ne plus ultra. Could Vilnai’s threat have been more than a Freudian Slip?

Jewish spokesmen still spin Ahmadinejad’s “wipe Israel from the map” mistranslation, but cry foul that their boy was not just misinterpreted but that Israel was libeled. They insist if Vilnai had meant Holocaust, he would have said HaShoah. Shoah versus HaShoah? You be the judge.

(Yom HaShoah means Holocaust Remembrance Day. Shoah is capitalized everywhere online, except in recent newspaper reports, including Reuters, which is perhaps an effort to re-assert the old Hebrew meaning of “calamity.”)

What has Israel been perpetrating against the Occupied Territories, but wiping the Palestinian Question from the map?

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  1. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Rebellion means slaughter. The Israeli Zionists are like a group of home invaders who tell those who minimally resist to shut up or … ? They are not going to ‘negotiate’ because they are backed and armed by a yet bigger group of thugs, the US government.

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