GOP campaign worker says she was branded by black male Obama supporter

Ashley ToddShould we be surprised that a McCain campaign worker would carve a “B” in her cheek and claim twas an Obama supporter who did it? (But no surprise she didn’t think to reverse the mirror image.) Fortunately Pittsburgh police have skepticism for white women who claim they’ve been attacked by 6ft 4in black males. Although both John McCain and Sarah Palin called to express their concern. This sort of thing used to lead to lynching. Is that what the GOP will incite next?

Ashley Todd’s wild story of a black male assailant carving a “B” into her cheek as punishment for having a McCain sticker on her car was eventually debunked by Pittsburgh police. Not before the story was used to anger Republican voters. Although charges are now being pressed against Todd for filing a false police report, the press is having difficulties locating Ms. Todd or her family, and her GOP campaign supervisors are offering no help.

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