Palin is the lipstick, McCain is the pig.

“No one knows what war is like other than my family, period.” Said John McCain’s daughter Meghan. I guess the families of the million+ innocent civilians killed in Iraq just can’t compare to the filthy-rich, pampered McCain family, huh?

Sarah Palin is just a fundamentalist Muslim with lipstick.

Sarah Palin’s terrorist pastor called for God to strike America. One can only imagine her joy at hearing those words!

I’m betting Charles Gibson treats Sarah Palin with kid gloves, and doesn’t ask a single question worth watching.

Palin’s 27 Lies to Nowhere.

Will Sarah Palin be the first VP to be impeached as soon as she takes office?

Palin defrauded taxpayers on “per diem” allowance expenses. Can you imagine what she’d do if she had the entire US Treasury at her disposal?

Sarah Palin, clueless twit. McCain’s even worse.

McCain’s deal with the Devil. He’s hired Tucker Askew, the guy who destroyed McCain’s 2000 campaign on behalf of G.W. Bush, (remember “black, illegitimate baby”?) to do the same slimy tactics on Obama. “Maverick,” my ass! He’s as Republican as you can get.

N. Korean leader Kim Jong Il (who’s five years younger than John McCain) has suffered a stroke.

Israel pushing for US/Russian nuclear showdown over Iran.

Nothing says “democracy” like accountability. Conference on the planning for prosecution of high level American war criminals, in Andover, MA, this weekend.

Just imagine how much better off the world would be, if only Dick Cheney’s parents had used birth control.

Demonic politics. The McCain campaign is now running an ad locally accusing Obama of being “more of the same, not change.” Unfuckingbelievable. Now I know Republicans are possessed!

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Sept 10,

1 thought on “Palin is the lipstick, McCain is the pig.

  1. Anybody who thinks that he was just honestly using this expression with no intent to refer to Sarah Palin has to be seriously navie. Obama thought he could get away with insulting the governor just by using a common idiom, but imagine what the outrage would have been if John McCain criticized the Democratic ticket by saying “the pot calling the kettle black.”

    Use your common sense folks. Obama meant it as an insult. Not only did he call Palin a pig, but he went on to call John McCain an “old fish”–an insult referring to Mr. McCain’s age. Senior citizens vote in large numbers, and again Obama is treading on thin ground when he resorts to fifth grade name-calling.

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