Obama has a chance to hear from Pueblo

pueblo coloradoPUEBLO, COLO.- How exciting to live in a swing state! Obama returns to Colorado on Saturday Nov 1st, 3pm Pueblo. If Obama becomes president, when will we have a better chance to reach him with an antiwar message? Michelle Obama’s visit to COS on Tuesday looked progressively Blue, Blue, Blue, until you got inside the City Auditorium and saw the Red White and Blue pro-militarism imagery. We need to put the peace logo back at the front of this train. As usual, expect campaign lieutenants to throttle the pacifist tone.

Change We Need Rally
with Barack and Michelle Obama

The Union Avenue Historic District
Intersection of S. Union Ave. and D Street, Pueblo
Public Entrance: Corner of C Street and S. Main St.,

Saturday, November 1st, Gates Open: 1pm, Program Begins: 3pm

The event is free and open to the public. …For security reasons do not bring bags or umbrellas. Please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed.

historic district of Pueblo

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