“Gunny” would be proud I’m sure..

This is twice in less than hour I’m taking his name in vain.

Maybe I just had a premonition and for once acted on it.

But you remember last year when Gunny Bob said that QUAKERS were a “terrorist hate group”?

Wonder how he feels about Unitarian Universalists.

Not really, he’s pretty much open with his hatred and religious bigotry.

In case anybody’s wondering, this is about the Church Shooting in Tennessee yesterday.

Rush, Sean, (m)Ann Coulter, Miz Malkin, Gunny, are you proud of where your Hatred is leading Americans?

Just, thankfully, (contrary to your stated beliefs) Not All or even Most Americans.

1 thought on ““Gunny” would be proud I’m sure..

  1. The killer was a Conservative, was receiving food stamps (a Liberal program that Conservatives hate) and his benefits were being cut (thanks to Conservatives) so he takes it out on Liberals.

    This Conservative hatred is so demonic, I can already envision a future headline: “Rush Limbaugh dies of overdose, DittoHeads blame Liberals.”

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