Join Lawyers for McCain! Make some money…

The Elect McCain web site has an interesting group for certain people to join. It is called Lawyers for McCain, which is an apt group to have around for McCain’s Arizona cronies.

Even with the totally corrupt Dubya Klan in office still, one of McCain’s early campaign co-chairs, Ariz. Congressman (and ‘Juris Doctor’…lol) Rick Renzi, has been already been indicted this year for using his office to try to make himself some sweet real estate deals. But there is even more work for McCain’s lawyers to spin their webs around, with McCain having other co-chairs in his election committee… co-chairs like East Texas con, Phil Gramm.

McCain is a fitting candidate for the Republican Party of Pure Corruption. Which party will be able to buy this election? The Chicago ‘change’ gang of disguised DNCers, or the Arizona grouping of lawyers, insurance companies, and Pentagon military-industrial welfare pigs around McCain? Spin away, Media Whores! The fun has just begun!

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