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Army of US soldiers moves to place themselves on welfare gravy train forever

Associated Press reports… ‘America’s newest veterans are filing for disability benefits at a historic rate, claiming to be the most medically and mentally troubled generation of former troops the nation has ever seen.’

The AP report continues…

‘A staggering 45 percent of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now seeking compensation for injuries they say are service-related. That is more than double the estimate of 21 percent who filed such claims after the Gulf War in the early 1990s, top government officials told The Associated Press. What’s more, these new veterans are claiming eight to nine ailments on average, and the most recent ones over the last year are claiming 11 to 14. By comparison, Vietnam veterans are currently receiving compensation for fewer than four, on average, and those from World War II and Korea, just two.’

Boo-hoo-hoo. Our ‘heroes’ in uniform want the civilian portion of the population to support them forever! See full article at AP IMPACT: Almost half of new vets seek disability

We have no desire to see the truly disabled American vet denied their needed government assistance, but this move in mass by soldiers to put themselves on permanent welfare is truly an appalling fraud. Jobs, NOT WELFARE for us all!

(Notice to all of you out there who want to scream that we at NMT are being ‘anti-soldier’… This AP report is based on the Pentagon’s own reports that its soldiers are trying to dessert and DESERT the military for disability benefits instead of staying and continuing to fight the corporate politicians’ wars.)

Ignorance, fearmongering and lies prevail again

Doug Bruces fat smug lying face on the news this morning saying that City Council was rebuffed by his Prop 300. Bruce, you Lying Puke, the City Council for as long as I’ve been here, has at your bidding joined you in licking the BALLS of your Rich-Bitch Masters.

You got enough of the people to believe your Bullshit that you’re going to save them money.

Bitch, the only people who are going to save money are your Corporate Whoremasters. As Always. It was YOUR so-called Leadership that gave giant corporations like Wal-mart and Intel and HP huge Corporate Welfare tax “incentives”. The PEOPLE are now going to have to suffer because YOUR Owners get yet another Tax Exemption and don’t have to YOUR Owners don’t have to pay THEIR bills.

YOU and your Ignorant Retarded Redneck followers have driven our town into the ground financially.

Be proud if your own corporate slavery, bitch.

We bought them, why can’t we exercise ownership?

The Big Banks, who were bailed out at public expense.  Now screaming “TYRANNY!” because the Treasury department is telling them not to be so blatant in their piggish ways.

While we’re at it, let’s do the same for some OTHER publicly subsidized “private” corporations. Insurance for instance. Health care. The Wreligious Wrong like to crow that America has the best care for cancer, all the cancer research was either supported directly by government grants or indirectly by tax-deductible “charitable contributions” to the research foundations, and the funding they received wasn’t counted as Taxable income on their end either.

We bought it.

The Aggravated Assaulted and Murder Department, aka “Defense” industry Daddy WarBucks types.

We the people financed their industries, but We the People aren’t getting any share of the profit.

Why is it unconstitutional for the government to Own the industries we paid for? It’s obviously not considered by the Libertarians to be unconstitutional for We the People to be giving them all the money they have.

And these are the same Corporate Welfare Fat Cats who look down on somebody who gets $115 a month in Food Assistance.

Springs Utilities and “Right to Work” law

Which is really the “right to fire you if you get injured on the job or if you seek fair compensation for your labor or if you form (or join an existing) an organization which represents the workers to ensure the Equal Protection Under the Law and right to petition the Government for redress of grievances” law.

Since both Springs Utilities and the Corporate Welfare Council are married to the Coal corporations, and they both apparently sponsored the “White” wash of the Ludlow Massacre“incident”
I felt it politic to post this again.

When I was in the hospital after my ankle fusion surgery two years ago there was this young dude in the next bed, who had been in an accident while working for Springs Utilities.

He had been working “under the crane” which is a strict no-no in Union work, because the hooks and or the cable and or the chains attached to the crane have a distressing tendency to snap and to send the load which they were bearing straight down.

Which is what happened in this case, the crane dropped a 2 1/2 ton steel fitting onto his foot.

His mom was visiting him, and a gentleman I think was his brother

His doctor came in, one of the surgeons from Front Range Orthopædics. Who is considered to be one of the Premier surgeons in the country.

He had spent the past three days trying to save the kid’s foot.

But the foot had to be amputated, and he was breaking the news to him and his family that they wouldn’t be able to save it.

After he left, his brother and his mom were telling him he needed to hire an attorney, he told them “No, (one of his friends from work) was talking about it with me and he said to just trust the company, they’ll take care of me”.

I almost bit my tongue in two keeping from interjecting on that score.

Then the Corporate Whore company representative came in, she was telling him what the settlement was the company was offering, his mom said ‘should we hire an attorney to review it?” and the Corporate Whore told her “no need, we’ll take care of him TRUST US

Then proceeded to tell the kid that they were going to assign a doctor to him, one “approved by the Corporation” his mom interjected with the fact that he had one of the best surgeons in America already as his doctor and the Corporate Whore said “yes, we know, he’s an excellent doctor but He Doesn’t Keep Up With The Paperwork”

Which is bullsh ee It of such a high order it deserves a third syllable.

The doctors at Front Range don’t do the paperwork, they have a very competent staff who do that.

Efficient enough that all the major insurers including CHAMPVA, TriCare, Medicare, Medicaid, Just a start on the Government insurers, accept their billing and procedures without question.

She was slick-dicking this kid who was in severe pain, on a morphine drip, and cowing him into obedience to The Company Line.

Politely browbeating him but doing it in a way that Establishes The Dominance of Her Corporate Masters, “Thou Shalt Not Question Our Orders”.

Then she said something truly stunning… she said the company would “generously” allow him two years of disability pay, until he
GETS BACK ON HIS FEET and they realized there would be “cosmetic damage” but it shouldn’t affect his ability to Perform his “duties”.

The bitch hadn’t even consulted with his doctor.

But according to the Right Wing Anti-Union “right to work” Fascists,

It’s supposedly the UNIONS who are victimizing us poor stupid workers.

The kid was still opposed to getting his own attorney.

I hope he wised up and realized that the Company was going to screw him repeatedly and often, as long as he allows them to do it.

If he wants to, he can still change his mind, and I’ll testify for him.

The “settlement” was offered to him while he was under extreme duress, in extreme pain and on enough morphine to keep an elephant high.

Illegal as all Hell, but… without Union representation, the Corporate BigPigs can get away with it often enough to make their obscene profit margins.

People who are invested in that corporation, you gotta realize where your money is coming from.

Remember the free city-wide WiFi issue?

The one City Corporate welfare Council rejected less than two years ago as being unworkable and too expensive?

Their corporate criminal accomplices Springs Utilities is installing their own Wi-Fi at the expense of everybody who pays a utility bill.

To connect their meters.

I guess Corporate Council is really opposed only to free giveaways to people who aren’t already wealthy.

“you’ll just have to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, even though we’ve already stolen your boots”

Corporate Welfare Queens demand more war at Keystone family picnic Jun 23-25

“Integrating Air, Space, and Cyberspace Domains” is the theme of this year’s War in Outer Space crowd. Yes, these corporate Welfare Muthers will be bringing the kids to the summer picnic in Keystone Colorado next week. There’s so much to do at this Vail Resort property! I hear the food will be just marvelous! Space Warfare Symposium And the scenery!

My favorite Welfare Queen of them all is ATK where they give you a visual show at their web site that includes Space War craft, Pentagon sold fighter bombers buzzing The Statue of Liberty, and huge belts of ammo (their specialty in sales) for the hired mercenaries.

These Pentagon-fed Welfare Queens like to make you think that they are protecting ‘homeland security’, but they really are just selling the idea that they deserve to continue to be welfare recipients ….all the way to Mars and back! They are just pigs feeding at the trough.

Where’s the Justice and Peace paid staffers, too? The ‘Space War Symposium’ picnic will probably be able to hear their snoring all the way to Keystone! Another no-show for the paid supposed agitators it seems? They may well be too busy to come while occupying themselves trying to downsize the group, without giving up any of their own salaries, of course.

Higher food prices now being driven by higher fuel prices

We can now see the first effects of the world energy crisis, as local grocery stores are creeping their prices of basic foods upward. The dollar stores also are not exactly dollar stores these days, and never will be again. There are two reasons for these price hikes.

First off, the Pentagon is doing this to us. We are throwing them money (and hence the military suppliers and contractors money, too) like it is going out of style. This is money we simply don’t have, and therefore it is coming from loans to our government, who then passes it off to those that have literally bought the government.

We know who eventually will get stuck with paying off these bad debts, too. It will be the working class and lower middle class of our country. And meanwhile, the rich suck at this gigantic welfare program (teat) with absolutely no shame, as they wave the American flag outside all their offices pretending to be the great patriots. The lower echelons of this fraud get 10% off!

Second cause of the rising prices is simply that we have hit the crisis of declining world oil supplies head on, and nobody has any solution to it beyond trying to corner the world supply (Thank you, Dick Cheney and Dumbo Dubya). But capturing control of world petroleum supply doesn’t exactly increase it, even if such a plot were to be ever successful. All in all, we still have yet to come up with an alternative to the mobility of oil transport, and we are dependent on oil, as we have been for all the later half of the industrial revolution.

Some think that the solution is turning back to coal. Some think it is turning to the deadly nuclear option. Some dream of sun, hydrogen fuel cells, and wind. Meanwhile, in the real world, it is still oil that fuels civilization, uh ‘civilization’ as we know it.

We currently have a rapacious economic system that expands constantly at nature’s expense. Nature is now fed up with it, even if our family and neighbors are not. Nature is run down, and will be run out if we continue this way.

Meanwhile, the prices have begun to inch up and we grow uncomfortable here at home. Elsewhere, things have grown more desperate from the start. Ahead, it is $4/ gallon prices this summer, and the sky will certainly be the limit. Oil barrel prices flown up from below $10 a barrel (not adjusted for inflation) as close back as the mid- ’80s some 22 years ago, to heading towards $120 a barrel right now. It is easy to see how our dollars are now being turned to pennies and we haven’t seen anything yet.

There are some horrible times for the world ahead as the world begins to run into shorter and shorter supply of oil. Meanwhile, let’s shop if we can, shall we not? It’s going to be much harder to do that soon.

Lions and foxes and bears oh my!

this one is a follow up to the Neighborhood Fox thread I commented about.
We had a cougar. of course. He (or she, I ain’t getting close enough to check its genitals) is apparently coming around more frequently, our neighbor across the alley, not living there any more, but the low roof of the house, had cougar tracks in the snow. On the roof.
We had the large deer maybe elk but I’ll go with deer, a buck, was in the yard New Years. Does are more regular, the bucks are usually up the mountain somewhere.

But yesterday, on the Midland bicycle trail, my landlady was checking on the welfare of some feral kittens who have more or less adopted her. Looked down and saw bear tracks. Big ones. Fresh ones. Then she looked up and saw the bear in person, about a couple of blocks away.

Now, this is very bizarre. I remember somebody telling me once that bears actually hibernate in the winter? You probably know the story.

But with large animals down in the Springs, a cougar who seems to not be wandering far, a buck or possibly elk, and now an extremely out of season bear….
In the middle of what has been told to me is the harshest winter in the last 10 years or so.

Something is going very wrong and the animals seem to know it.