Just a thought about Jet Jockeys….

I’ve noticed they’ve been flying low over the west-side pretty much every day for the past couple of years. Used to be that was called “hot-dogging” and they weren’t allowed to do it.

See, the lower your altitude, the less room you have to recover when you fuck-up.

Flying the speed of sound (a fraction of what any of the F-series of jets goes) and at a thousand feet above the ground you would have approximately one second to pull out if something goes wrong.

That’s not a lot of time.

They used to do low-altitude practice way the hell out in the ocean off Dago, or over White Sands in New Mexico or the kids at Sheppard would be flying over the Tank Playground at Fort Sill/Altus AFB Oklahoma.

Over MILITARY property, really cleared out areas to begin with and with Fast Response emergency crews on alert when you were doing it.

Did the Navy put the Civilian fire departments cops and ambulance crews on alert when they were hot-dogging over San Diego?

How about when they’re zooming up 24 toward the Ute Pass?

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