Kenyan struggles for US political asylum

asylum-deniedCOLORADO COLLEGE- Tonight in McHugh Commons, 7pm. Political refugee David Ngaruri Kenney will present a slide show about his ordeal, assisted by his lawyer and ASYLUM DENIED co-author Georgetown Law Professor Philip Schrag. Persecuted for organizing agrarian reforms, Kenney escaped Kenya and sought asylum in the USA, opposed by the US gov. Tonight’s event is sponsored by the PIKES PEAK IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE COLLABORATIVE and advocates for immigration law reforms.


After the security officers decided not to shoot me during the night in the forest, they blindfolded me again and forced me back into the van. Terrified, I lost track of time. Finally, the van stopped, and they told me to get out. The officers took me to a building and led me through it. They removed the handcuffs from my wrists and the blindfold from my face. As my eyes adjusted slowly to the light from the only bulb, I could see that I was in some kind of prison. Heavy wire links covered the window.

They ordered me to remove all my clothing. When I was naked, they pushed me through a doorway, and I fell into what seemed to be a dark room. Soon I realized that it was a small cement cell below the level of the prison floor: in essence, a pit. This was the beginning of the worst ordeal of my life.

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