Rwanda and Congo on the verge of war

The US supported government of Rwanda is tearing down the less than ‘peace’ in Congo and open hostilities are on the near horizon between the two countries once again. The US, British, and French governments have nothing good to offer up to Africans anywhere on the continent and should just get out of African affairs altogether. That especially goes in regard to the US AFRICOM, the Pentagon’s African warfare command center. Here is the latest…

The Congolese ambassador to the United Nations Atoki Ileka said he would call for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council if Goma was attacked.

“Rwanda is already in the DRC,” he told the BBC’s Network Africa programme. The fact is that the Congolese army is finding it difficult in dealing with the rebel forces in their region

Rosemary Museminari
Rwandan foreign affairs minister

“Rwanda, and I say Mr Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, are the spoilers in the region,” he said.

“Laurent Nkunda in our view is some kind of a proxy for Rwanda.”

Full BBC report at DR Congo rebels capture army base

2 thoughts on “Rwanda and Congo on the verge of war

  1. Events are happening real fast…

    New rebels attack DR Congo town

    Are these allied with the US forces, or are they formerly allied with the US forces moving now in a renegade manner, like Osama bin Laden did post fall of the Soviet Union? Certainly though the US government is not now denouncing Rwanda for tearing up the ‘Peace’ accord with Congo once again, which is a sign that the Bush Adminstration may be well behind this new offensive.

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