Vote McCain, Creepiest Man in America!

Is there anything on this planet creepier than when John McCain says, “My friends…”?

Who’s connected to Wm. Ayers? Why, John McCain, of course! Straight from the horse’s ass, himself.

Unamerican McCain sells his vote to Taiwan.

Zionist traitor Joe Lieberman worries that Obama wouldn’t bomb Iran for Israel.

Even the NY Times says the McCain/Palin campaign is the slimiest, ever!

The McCain/Palin campaign has turned the GOP into the American Nazi Party.

Fascism, thy name is Republican: Store bans customer for life, for wearing an Obama t-shirt, AND, Man shot for wearing Obama t-shirt.

Who lost in last night’s presidential debate? Why, the American people, of course.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Oct 8 notes,

2 thoughts on “Vote McCain, Creepiest Man in America!

  1. Thomas, I got to agree with you about this ‘My Friends’ routine of McCain. It definitely was creepy as Hell last night watching the Old Vampire at work. Between his constant refrain of calling out to ‘My Friends’ and the stupid dialog about not needing ‘on the job training’ like he says that BO does, I think he lost the ‘debate’ by being so technically foul.

    Besides, he has succeeded (by looking half dead) in making this a race between Obama and Palin at this point, and not between himself and Obama. Not a pretty situation for the Republicans at all. Even though McCain’s elderly racist White supporters would like to hate Barack for being Black and use that to vote Republican once again, McCain and Palin just seem too creepy for words to even nominally normal Republican people at the Mall. Ain’t that right, My Friends? The creep creepiness factor is doing the guy in. And we didn’t think the Republicans could get any creepier than Dubya-Cheney, did we? …lol

  2. 22 times he said it…

    I started out yelling “I’m not your friend!” and after about the fifth time i started prefacing it with “mother fucker” and ending it with “Bitch”

    At the end he had a shill come up, introduce himself as a Navy CPO, (Master Sergeant) and give McCain the chance to schmooze the veterans he’s been spending the last 30 years bending them over the proverbial sink.

    I think if he does win he’d better not go hunting with Palin.

    She’ll give him the Ol’ Yeller treatment, you Betcha!

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