Colo. College guest Donald Gregg: the man who hired the man who killed Che

He administered OPERATION PHOENIX during the Vietnam War, the CIA counterinsurgency operation which sought to pacify Vietnam with the targeted assassination of thousands of potential insurgents. For Vice President George H. W. Bush’s office, he coordinated the funding of the illegal US covert war against Central America, aka, the IRAN-CONTRA scandal. Yes, he supervised both Felix Rodriguez and Luis Posada, each of CIA-state-sponsored-terrorism fame. But Colorado College introduced Donald P. Gregg only as former national security adviser and ambassador to Korea. And CC gave Gregg an honorary degree — with not a peep from the know-nothings they laud as their exemplary students.

I attended because I was insulted by the lecture’s title: “What do Ho Chi Minh, Saddam Hussein, and Kim Jung Il have in common?” the speaker further slandered the father of modern Vietnam by indulging to associate another villain to the list, that of Muammar al-Gaddafi. But gracefully Gregg acquitted himself by explaining that Ho Chi Minh had been misjudged, and thus perhaps there is call to engage even our most despicable adversaries in dialog, lest we repeat our mistaken policies, as Gregg believes we are doing in Afghanistan.

Not much objectionable with that. Actually, you can read Gregg’s address, it’s virtually word for word the introduction he wrote for a 2009 study of the CIA’s unheralded successes in Vietnam. To his credit, Gregg does not echo the ongoing theme that Vietnam was winnable.

Relating his more recent expertise about Korea, Gregg offers that Kim Jong Il is more than your common loon. Rather, Il is of unusually high intelligence, underrated by the US, driven despotic by his isolation.

Or driven mad by our offense, I’d add. I’m surprised Kim Jong Il tolerates that we name our ambassador in Seoul as the Ambassador to Korea, rather than to South Korea. How dare US-occupied Korea assert to represent the national identity of Korea? As in Vietnam, it’s the north doing the heavy lifting toward inevitable unification.

Gregg nearly had me convinced he was reformed until he added a forth bogeyman for comparison, Iran.

Iran mustn’t get nukes, etc, etc, Ahmadinejad unpredictable, can’t be trusted, etc.

Ho Chi Minh had been demonized Gregg said, based on a wrong-headed anti-Communist domino-theory mindset, yet Gregg is perfectly willing to be stuck to Capitalism’s current mindset against Islam.

Gregg made such winning arguments for tolerance, respect, diplomacy, and the integrity of the best intelligence officers, but isn’t that precisely the neo-liberal spiel? The CC audience lapped it up.

Here was the closest most of us will ever get to someone connected to the murder of Che Fucking Guevara, icon of the world struggle against Western oppression. That’s explaining the obvious, but I’d add, Che’s heroic stature is no more diminished even if only known as a t-shirt image to this crowd.

School-of-the-Americas-trained Rodriguez knew the stature of the hero he was cutting down, to this day he brags about wearing Che’s watch as a keepsake. Rodriguez returned from this assignment with a piece of notebook paper wrapped around the tobacco left in Guevara’s pipe.

Donald Gregg didn’t kill Guevara, but we might have asked him how many youthful Viet Cong he killed or had tortured, etc, how many aspiring Nicaraguan freedom fighters, or Burmese victims, or boys and girls of yet to be named regions, of the CIA’s yet unrevealed adventures in extrajudicial preemptive death-dealings.

All of this may be blood under the bridge, except that the undercurrent of this elder statesman’s lecture tour is beating the drum for confrontation with Iran.

4 thoughts on “Colo. College guest Donald Gregg: the man who hired the man who killed Che

  1. Tis the season for honorary titles.

    Snooki last week was paid $2000 more than the $30000 the university is paying Nobel-winning novelist Toni Morrison to deliver the commencement address.

    That would be, so Snooki as in the “reality” show that is thinly disguised anti-working class propaganda, show how 20-somethings “lower class” people would act if we actually WERE paid a decent wage, commensurate with our contribution to the economy.
    To show how we would piss away whatever opportunity was “given” to us. She’s kind of a Poster Child for Minimum Wage or worse, “youth opportunity wage”. Like when Reagan tried to foist off on us the lower-than-the-$3.35-wage for anybody under the age of 25 (I was 22 at the time, married and struggling at a minimum wage job in an anti-union state) because “Kids” that age were “living at home with their parents, not having to pay bills, spending their money on clothes, entertainment, gasoline (for the cars our parents bought us of course) and drugs”. Real slap in the face to workers, nay, more than that, a spike-toed riding boot straight to the groin.
    Ray Kroc of McDonalds was still alive and practically orgasming at the opportunity to pay “his” workers even less than minimum wage.

    Snooki. Fake Reality. Being hired by Rutgers University to entertain. 32 grand to tell and reinforce to the college students that they’re worthless. What a joyous occasion.

    Tis the season, you know.

  2. Yeah, it’s kind of the same thing, ain’t it? Telling the college kids that the best they can hope for is to be cannon fodder.
    Even with rank, pay, privileges and all the Government Money they can steal like Gregg and North and Poindexter got, they’ll still be pawns, Some higher priced than others.

    There’s a metaphysical math that closely resembles normal math, except in metaphysics has eternity, infinity and immortality thrown in. If you’ve got the last you’ve got the two prior. So, since one of the operational prerequisites of being a United States government parasite like the Pentagon and all their minions is to express some form of faith in God, you know, they’re trading Infinite for Finite.
    Since any finite number, no matter how much it is, divided by infinity is going to be a straight up loss, it wouldn’t matter if they sold their soul for a half-eaten jelly roll or if they sell it for all the finite money in the world.

    By their own math, they got chumped, good and proper.

    Of course there’s that nasty business of killing people, lots of people, regularly and often.
    Not exactly my definition of “The Good Life”.

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