Let’s get it clear, you did NOT fight for my rights…

Seriously, you didn’t. I don’t owe a debt of thanks for you going to foreign lands and killing PEOPLE on behalf of the Oil Corporations and other corporate slavemasters.

Torturing people for daring to resist your Mighty Empire is likewise not Fighting For My Rights.

If I had wanted to listen to Imperialist Bullshit like that I would tune in Michael Savage or Gunny Bob or other Propaganda Artists.
Tune my Television to Fox “news” and just never change the channel.
Turn up the volume and install extra speakers so my neighbors can listen to that Bullshit.

Or I could have stayed the Hell in the Air Force.

I know most of you are smart enough to realize that you’re Lying.

It won’t ease your conscience. It just makes it worse when you’re in denial.

Your president sent you over there to commit Murder, Torture, Pillage and OTHER war crimes.
That’s why he gave you blanket immunity from prosecution for them beforehand.

The very kindest thing is to not coddle with you by acquiescing to the propaganda you’ve been told over and over again to chant, in voice or in print, to attempt to justify the crimes you’ve been ordered to commit.

When I’m told that you have to obey orders, otherwise we couldn’t have a war, you’re only telling one part of the truth.

Just Imagine, if you will, if the WehrMacht had not “followed orders”… would that have been true patriotism, or treason?

Would there really need to be further examples?

Who exactly says we absolutely MUST have wars, and what reasoning can you use to support that other than you were TOLD that and that you’re not allowed to question the notion? That’s a far bigger and far more relevant part of the Truth.

I WILL question the assumption, and hopefully convince others to do so as well.

The next time you’re ordered to arrest a “militant” or kill anybody, question that order..

You ARE children of the Living God and created in His image… you DO have that capacity and that right.

You CAN use your brain for something more than keeping the wind from whistling through your ears.

All you have to do is see it.

25 thoughts on “Let’s get it clear, you did NOT fight for my rights…

  1. When are we going to be brave enough to stand on the roadside holding signs that say “You did NOT fight for my rights”? In our current culture of soldier worship, I can ONLY IMAGINE the outcry.

    Jonah, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. Oh Christ, we’re on this crap again? Soldiers fighting for the rights of Americans….Hmmmm….Well, yes and no. In Iraq, absolutely not. I fully acknowledge that we are (and I am) not “fighting” for the rights of Americans while serving in Iraq, regardless of what the pro-Bush, pro-Iraq war flag-wavers proclaim. We have been a free country since 1776. However, do American service members not “fight” for Americans’ rights by upholding and defending the Constitution? Last time I checked, that was part of my oath of enlistment. I proudly serve this country and the American people every day; especially those people who deride and depredate my very service. My opinions, as well as my stance on the issue of the Iraq war and the Bush administration aren’t a secret to any of you at NMT, and anybody with a fifth grade education can read Article 2.4 of the U.N. Charter and observe the same lack of any “gray area”. But the moment I step on a plane bound for the Middle East, my responsibilities shift significantly. In Iraq, my commitments are to my Soldiers, who depend on me for several things; and to the people of Iraq, who have the RIGHT to expect several things from me. My President sending me over there to “murder, torture, pillage and commit other war crimes” (as was so eloquently stated) is a fallacious assertion.

    Jonah, you refer to your service in the Air Force quite often. I KNOW that you know what it truly means to SERVE. But if I may ask, what were the circumstances under which you separated? What Rank did you hold prior to separation? Did you ever deploy to a theater of war, or in a peacekeeping capacity? I am sincerely curious, but if you would rather not answer, I fully understand.

    Marie, if you ever should have the courage to stand street-side holding a sign that declared “You did not fight for my rights”, I would more than likely be the first Soldier to approach you and point out the accuracy in that statement. However, I would also feel entitled to point out that your right to do so is a right defended by ME and those like me.

  3. Well, Daniel, I took that same oath.

    So did many of the people who witnessed the assault by the CSPD on 7 of my friends. None of whom so much as voiced any objections. And many who went as far as telling us that we did NOT have any rights to defend.

    And signed their names to it, complete with titles and rank.

  4. And of course, just before I wrote that, there was a comment by somebody defending BlackWater, of all people,

    and making the infamous comment about them “fighting for my freedom of speech just so I could turn and bite them in gratitude” <<-=-=paraphrase .

    It doesn’t come from a vacuum, really.

  5. Well Jonah, I suppose you’ve got us on that end. A bit unfair to group and typecast all service members based on isolated incidents (St. Patrick’s Day, Iraq War or otherwise), but it’s your entitled opinion and based on your experiences, I would support that it’s justified. I would hope that as much as we have talked in the past, you would trust that had I been present that day, I would not have acted as such. As always my friend, I wish you the best and I hope you had a pleasant holiday.

  6. I wish you would knock off the bullshit, Daniel. You must think that none of us on this blog have ever spent anytime around the all pervasive American military ‘man’, otherwise you wouldn’t prattle on about ‘service’ all the time? My contact with military people has shown me that each and everyone of you are much more into benefits, not service.

    Despite all the bullshit denial, for many grunts the military is a good investment of their time and labor power with better benefits to be received long term than if they had stayed in the civilian ranks. Isn’t that what recruiters are always using as sales pitch? They lie a lot about the possible dangers of joining the military but the benefits part is the main reason you guys all sign up, and the reason most of you stay in.

    You can’t have it both ways, Daniel. Either you are great servants of The People, as you and your rich sponsors want us all to believe, or you are recipients of benefits above and beyond what the rest of the population receives? Why do the powerful give you more than they give out to the rest of us, Daniel? Or are you going to stick to that crying routine about how you ‘heroes’ are treated unfairly and don’t supposedly get enough compared to the rest of us all the time? Booh-hoo-hoo.

    Truth is, most of the long term military become like cops in their thinking, as they become aware that they are resented for their ‘specialness’ and the special treatment they receive, even as they have many groupies that blow them kisses all the time. Of course, many of those groupies are friends and family who simply join in the great charade pushed from the top by the powerful about cops and soldiers being heroes, servants, and patriots. Yes, but for who really? It’s not for us, Daniel, and you damn well know it, so knock off the bullshit (for your own conscience, if not for others). Your bullshit about ‘service’ is old and stale and just plain bullshit. You don’t fight for us, and most of us in the antiwar movement want your precious military disarmed. You are an offensive army and not one for defense.

  7. Did someone just say something? As I yawned and stretched I could have swore I heard something….Oh! It was you Tony!! Talk about tired old bullshit?!?!

    You spending time around people in the military means absolutely NOTHING Tony, unless you have served in the manner that they do. My guess is that you have never truly served anyone but yourself, judging by your selfish, antagonistic and aggressive responses. You being a self-admitted High School dropout, alcoholic and communist tells me quite a bit about you; but your antagonistic bullshit arguments show me even more (and I thought you and I had apologized and RESPECTFULLY agreed to disagree at one point; apparently not).

    My benefits should be the least of anyone’s concerns. Are you seriously pissed off about this? Come on man, give me a break. If that were the case, you’d hate Canadians as well. Wait, you don’t hate Canadians do you? So we get free health care. BIG FUCKING DEAL. Have you ever been to a military dentist? I think I’d rather drill my own teeth. As far as being “resented”, are you kidding me? You are a minority Tony. You are one person who thinks and hates in your manner out of millions who, although they don’t support their government, support those who volunteer to defend their country. I have never look for or requested any sort of a handout, and will continue not to while people like you constantly piss and moan about what it is they AREN’T getting.

    As far as my “crying about unfair treatment”, I must be missing something. When have I ever cried about being a “hero” who has been treated unjustly?!? The word “hero” isn’t even in my vocabulary. That word is reserved for those people (military or not) who make the ultimate sacrifice for those they love, to include their country. Judging from what I have heard in reference to you, “ultimate sacrifice” probably translates into switching from Coca-Cola Classic to Diet Pepsi. I feel that I am neither hateful nor vengeful, but Tony, you can honestly go fuck yourself.

    Jonah, they haven’t sent me back yet. I will more than likely go back (round four) in the New Year at some point as part of a transition team, but until then, I will continue to enjoy being an active part in my two-year olds life. I do appreciate your concern brother.

  8. CheneyBush put a treaty on them for 3 more years.

    It was ratified on the Iraqi side but wasn’t even put before the Congress on our side.

    It’s not like Bush’s attorneys haven’t studied the Consttution, it’s just that they’ve assured him that it’s irrelevant.

  9. Gotta unplug for a while and clean my keyboard. The vowel keys are sticking.

    That’s “Constitution”

  10. First, Daniel, get on thing clear. Millions of Americans do support you and the rest of the US military, but has it ever clicked into your head that billions of people worldwide despise you and the US military? I’m one of them, too.

    As to having to be a thug to understand one, I don’t buy into your personal line of BS at all. The US military presence is so all pervasive in our society, everybody here has a pretty clear picture of what the US military is actually about without either participating directly in it or not. You get no special credit for observation just because you are a willing and proud part of the ruling class’s army, Guy. You want everybody to pull over to the side and bow down to you, don’t you? It’s a pretty standard routine with you military guys.

    As to this piece of your nonsense? … ‘My benefits should be the least of anyone’s concerns.’ … you are just flat full of it, aren’t you? Where in the world do you think the money comes from to support you and your benefits? What productive part of work do you do for American or world society that merits you having your special benefits? You and your benefits are bankrupting the US economy and destroying the entire ecology of Earth. Do you get it? No? I think you are a rather clueless guy, Daniel. You benefits do effect us, Pal. They even effect our children, and their children on down the line. That is if we even get that far thanks to the work you are such a proud part of?

    And what is all this drivel about supporting one’s country as supposedly opposed to supporting only one’s government? Over and over and over you state the mantra that somehow you are part of some force defending ‘Homeland Security’! What a big bullshitter you are. You are not defending one damn thing other than the Top Dogs and their profit making. In fact, you are endangering the rest of us in this country not to mention the rest of the world.

    Actually, I can imagine Germans of WW2 using this sort of bullshit argument of yours.

    ‘Oh yeah, the war is bad and I don’t support Hitler. But you are treasonous since you don’t respect how I’m defending Germany from attack. Tony, you can honestly go fuck yourself.’

    What a phony bullshitter you are, Daniel. The only one buying it on this blog is yourself though. And YES, you are a crybaby. You are here crying about how you get no respect for the suffering you go through being military. Boo-hoo-hoo. Let us get out our tissues. We’re so mean to you, too.

  11. HAHAHAHA!!! This is a GREAT response! I am actually laughing so hard that it feels like I just did 100 sit-ups!! Whatever you say Tony, whatever you say. I’ve read HUNDREDS of your posts, and in each one you are whining, bitching and grousing about the EXACT same things; and I’M the crybaby!?!?!?! This response only further proves everything I already knew, and reveals details I didn’t. Your angry, conspiracy driven, everybody-is-out-to-get-me bullshit is actually a bit inspiring. God bless you Tony, and again, go fuck yourself.

  12. My sentiments exactly! I’m going to bed now, because in case you had forgotten, I’m still stationed in Europe for my “all expenses paid by taxpayers vacation”. Don’t forget to keep fucking yourself!

  13. Enjoy your European vacation, Daniel! These probably will be the highlights of your life and you will be talking about them for many years to come with your GI buddies. I didn’t need the US government to use those taxes in any other way than this! Sleep tight and thanks so much for protecting us all from the demons?

  14. Daniel, I’ll tip my hat to those who fought in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. And to those who fought in both World Wars. In my opinion, any war we’ve fought since then has been indefensible and irrelevant to the cause of American freedom and security.

    I know reasonable people would disagree with me, and you are such a person. I appreciate your contribution to the blog.

  15. No problem Tony, it’s my sincerest pleasure! By the way, you are wrong about one thing; the highlight of my life won’t be serving overseas, it was only an hour ago when I told you to go fuck yourself! HA!

  16. Marie, I don’t disagree with you at all. You don’t have to witness war firsthand in order to understand how horrible it truly is. I wish we could live in relative peace, even if that meant I would find myself unemployed in the future (if you get my drift).

  17. Dear moron. The only reason you have rights is because of our military. War solves everything. If I ever see you on the street I will kick your ass and buy you a beer. By the way…get a job you dirty hippy.

  18. Cory. Bullshit.
    Recycled bullshit, you picked up bullshit off the ground, ate it, and shat it back out.

    Your Noble Military, upon learning of their secrets being published on Wikileaks, secrets of Murder, enslavement, theft, rape, you know the ones? The Pentagon, who supposedly “gave” us freedom rather than the Real Story, which is that the for my entire life the United States Military has been fighting in foreign lands to suppress the freedoms of the citizens of those lands for the benefit of their Corporate Overlords. YOUR Corporate Overlords.

    The ones who don’t give a Rats Ass about your freedoms any more than they did some “gook” kid who got blown apart by American bullets in VietNam or anywhere else.
    When they found out about Wikileaks having published some of the crimes your “freedom loving” military thought they had buried, through threatening their fellow Americans, you remember Americans, right? The ones you say you gave liberty to.
    Perhaps they actually killed more than just a few other Americans in order to keep their crimes secret, but now the American they’re planning to kill, after a make-believe trial at Court Martial, Specialist Bradley Manning, has broken through the death-threats your military made against any AMERICAN soldier who dared to tell the truth about what they do.

    The secrets are out and YOUR Military, far from denying the truth, are instead saying that if people know the truth then they won’t support YOUR murderous war of Conquest disguised as “liberation”, so they have to take Bradley Mannings LIFE for exposing the Truth. Not for lying, that’s what THEY do, and their drunken minions.
    Your Military takes freedom from any who will surrender it, and takes the lives of those who don’t.

    It’s the simple truth and it’s really too bad that you’re not MAN enough to accept the facts as they are, far less attempt to change them. Instead you hide behind your beer and your fellow soldiers and threaten to take away the lives or freedoms of any who say that you LIE.
    That, Cory, is truly pathetic.

  19. Flower Mound? Which Military Industrial corporation you work for, boy? If anybody who isn’t filthy rich shows up in Flower Mound your cops handcuff him and THEY kick his ass while he’s handcuffed.

    And where are you going to buy a beer in a dry precinct? I don’t do beer or any other drug, by the way. Except for the painkillers for the fucked up feet your Corporate Overlords gave me with the Right To Work Law “freedoms” your military and police enforce in Texas.
    Yeah, an ON THE JOB injury, Moron. Working to put money in the pockets of your Masters. If you own stock in Halliburton, then I was putting money in YOUR alcoholic Drunken Punk-ass pockets, rich BOY. Didn’t do me a fuck of a lot of good, you pretend-cowboy. Maybe yo Momma never taught you to respect your elders, especially the ones who feed your piggy little foul mouth. I reckon if you’re old enough to buy bootleg beer and threaten folks, then you’re old enough to take a whoop-ass. Texas ain’t in my immediate plans, I had 40 years of it and now I’m enjoying the real world. If you come up to Colorado you can find me, I ain’t hiding anywhere. Especially not hiding behind the Flower Mound Police or the Collin County SD. And you’ll have plenty of soldier-boy comrades to help you try to teach me about how free I am because of them or you.

  20. Cory’s mindset is so typical of many of the brain dead US soldier and family crowd. In reality, these self proclaimed heroes are welfare hogs who impoverish most of the rest of us civilians as we are FORCED to fund their stupid war gaming, and sucking off the teat of the military industrial complex. Cory is just another little robotic piglet, so be easy on him Jonah. He might accidentally get himself butchered by his buddies as it is.

    Cory belched up this…

    ‘The only reason you have rights is because of our military. War solves everything.’

    It only got you are a ‘job’ when you are so basically stupid, it would have been hard to come up with anything that would have kept you fed, Cory.

  21. Yeah, I know, just some schoolboy from Flower Mound Texas. Making the usual playground threat to “kick your ass” for saying something he disagrees with.

    What’s almost amusing if it weren’t so sad, the subject was freedom of speech, and the fact that the Right Wing AND the Military fight against freedom of speech while maintaining that they fight FOR it.

    Freedom to say anything you want as long as they give permission first. Quite honestly, I don’t think they’re too stupid to know the difference. That leaves Deliberately Lying.
    They do that a lot.

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