Trinidad, Colorado is the place to go to if you really, really need a change!

trinidadGay marriage might have had a temporary set back of sorts in California, but still there is a way for some Gay couples to get around that. They might want to head on out to Trinidad, Colorado for a vacation and change of pace?! They might want to do their honeymoon before the marriage and not after it? You see, Trinidad is The Sex Change Capital of The U.S.
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4 thoughts on “Trinidad, Colorado is the place to go to if you really, really need a change!

  1. A common misconception that sexual orientation is the same as gender identification. Dr. Bowers works with gender identification patients. Sexual orientation is which gender you prefer. Gay men would never consider changing their outie to an innie.

  2. Heterosexuals as a whole identify the transgender community as being one part of the ‘Gay’ community, as does the Gay community itself. In fact many Gay community centers call themselves LGBT, or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender centers.

    Just like there are many differences inside the ‘straight’ community, there are similarly broad differences within what is seen as the ‘Gay’ community. Certainly not most in the overall Gay community would be interested in having a sex change operation though.

  3. If there were to be anywhere to be complete, and fulfill my long-road wish, I’m willing to risk my life to become a complete woman. I beg thee…for the support to make my true joy to reality for this risk. I wish to postpone my appointment to a later time, to when I see an opening to come. If you wish to speak to me for any details, call my cell and “only” my cell. (575)-770-2868

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