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Inspired by Lance Armstrong confession, dope George W. Bush comes clean on Iraq WMDs

Lance Armstrong appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s Confessional TV franchise to admit he doped and lied. If Oprah polled her television audience for who should be next episode’s guest star, it might have to be Manti Te’o explaining that his dead … Continue reading

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Gender Respect in Tabloids & Wrestling

So I figured a way to tie a few concepts into one on the subject of two headlines on Gossip Tabloids in the supermarket check-out lane. National Enquirer headline “Roy, of Siegfried and Roy caught on video soliciting GAY sex!” … Continue reading

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Case of curious cellphone, bandana and Greyson Chance’s perfect microphone

PT Barnum would have been a terror on Youtube –I’m certainly sobered to see what fools America every time. Is sudden-tween-throb Greyson Chance’s talent for real? Too soon to say. But the 6th grade sound man at Cheyenne School of … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin dons lipstick for Dog Dinner

She’s got a book tour, so what? But Oprah is willing to suffer her for two couch sessions, now Hillary Clinton wants to grant her a beer summit. Foreign leaders can’t get an audience without preconditions. Why is Sarah Palin … Continue reading

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The Famous Oprah Video punks who?

You find it by searching for FAMOUS + OPRAH + VIDEO. Because hyperbole arcs the hyperlink. Allegedly, the viral clip is being removed as fast as websites are putting it up. I’ll bet the reason would have more to do … Continue reading

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Neo-pregnant women

Controversy across the internet reigns, as Americans discuss whether it was a man or woman who got pregnant recently? As we know, the media has an incredible power to confuse us, and we have been titillated with the story of … Continue reading

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