NeoChristians worship at the temple of Satanic Capitalist greed in Jesus’ name

Capitalism is the Satanic religion of Greed, and our politicians are its High Priests.

Why is the EPA hiding the facts about the bee die-off?

AP caught telling the truth for once.

Never trust a Zionist. Ever.

McCain plagiarizes Solzhenitsyn for own personal history.

McCain thinks the middle class makes $5 million dollars a year. And of course, his $500 million dollar fortune makes him “just an average guy.”

Cindy McCain has been lying about being “an only child.”

McCain “cheated” at the evangelical debate. Good thing the Jesus freaks don’t consider that a sin…if you’re a Republican.

“Change” we can’t believe in: Barack Obama is the same old bigot in a new disguise. Obama turns against gays at Jesus Hatefest. He declared he is against gays having equal rights in marriage, and said gays needed to be “fixed.” I don’t know who I am voting for, but I do know I will be voting against Barack Obama!

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 20,

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