WE THE PEOPLE are now nothing more than an ATM for the filthy-rich

WimpoCrats loudly declare there will be NO change. You might as well have voted Republican!

I always suspected Mormons are inherently terrorists!

Secret Service blames Sarah Palin (KKK Party) for death threats against Obama.

mKKKain supporters burning crosses to protest Obama win.

Cindy McCain caught having an affair with another maverick?

Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel wants to enslave all Gentiles age 18 to 25.

I would warn all Palestinians to flee before the ultra-Zionist Emanuel has them rounded up into concentration camps, too. With his appointment, the US President has become little more than a puppet of the ZioNazi state of Israel.

The French Revolution was right. We need more guillotines!

Sarah Palin says God will help her decide about running for President in 2012. [1][2][3]

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Nov 13 notes, thomasmc.com.

GOP soft money clothes laundering

Sarah Palin is now pointing out that what she’s wearing is from her “favorite consignment shop in Anchorage Alaska.” Are GOP campaign stylists now stocking the store in Alaska? Stocking it for Sarah Palin? Couldn’t a consignment collection be the ultimate slush fund in miniature, a wardrobe based on the soft money concept? It’s literally political rally wardrobe-laundering!

Purchased from Neiman Marcus, the item can be put on the books at the consignment store for a nominal consignment price. The paper trail can go through the favorite shop, but the clothes can go straight from the GOP personal shoppers in Sarah Palin’s entourage, to Sarah Palin’s steamer trunk.

Neiman MarxistThe infamous 150 thousand dollar shopping isn’t above par for a television wardrobe. Isn’t that figure but a fraction of what Cindy McCain wore in one RNC appearance? The $150K brouhaha masks the larger story, that Sarah Palin is no more a Washington outsider than George W. Bush. Though she plays a western territory governor risen from small time mayor, in reality Palin courted the Republican elite and charmed the GOP Neocons who are looking for another good-ol-boy figurehead to pitch their anti-democratic agenda.

The photo at top was taken of Sarah Palin as she was being ferried from Alaska to Minnesota for her unveiling at the RNC. While the newspaper caption read, Sarah Palin and unidentified male, in fact that figure is Steve Schmidt, head of the McCain campaign, who coached Palin for the entirety of her trip.

Can Palin be impeached before election day?

Has Palin been tested for rabies?
Sarah Palin found guilty of abuse of power in Troopergate. Could she face impeachment as governor of Alaska before the November election?


Is the McCain campaign deliberately trying to get some unhinged supporter to assassinate Obama?

Secret Service investigating Republican assassination threats against Obama at McCain rallies. [Sounds like terrorism, to me!

Trying to distance himself from the ugly hatred he himself has incited, McCain told a crowd they should respect Obama, but the crowd of fascists turned on him, and almost booed him off the stage. But, they’re your Nazis, John! You created them!

New York county sends out absentee ballots printed with “Barack Osama.

Cindy McCain stayed in business with Chas. Keating for a decade after Keating 5 scandal that almost ruined John McCain’s career.

Legacy of appeasement. When is a country that sponsors terror not a country that sponsors terror? When the administration is desperately trying to find something — anything — positive to claim it accomplished during the last 8 years.

A special place in Hell, just for Sally. Kern (Terrorist Party) said gays are the biggest threat to the USA, and have killed more than 9/11, more than 100,000!

Criminal religion. Sarah Palin using taxpayers’ money to promote her own religious beliefs.

Poll: Obama now ahead by 11 points, and that’s before the ruling on Troopergate was revealed.

Not a good omen for the Republicans.

Top GOP strategist says “It’s over, McCain lost. It will be a landslide.” [video]

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Oct 10 notes, thomasmc.com.

Does this presidential race look close?

NekoTuesday’s presidential debate left me feeling nothing but awkward. Barack Obama sat half leaning in his chair, while his opponent shuffled toward whoever held the microphone like Neko the mouse-chasing screen saver kitten, except McCain flapped his arms like a penguin, and had about that much to say.

Actually, did either candidate say much? McCain repeated his incoherent assurances, and Obama’s tack seemed deliberately to be not to outshine McCain. Spectators would probably delight in watching a best man win, but it seems Obama’s strategy is not to clobber the Bush poster boy, because Americans can’t help themselves from feeling for the underdog. Especially if he’s the Last White Hope.

John McCain could fly a Navy jet through the IQ gap between the two candidates. But McCain’s flight record shows he couldn’t even navigate that without clipping a power line and leaving all of us in the dark. McCain is that unsuited for the job, any job except influence peddling and whoring in Rio. That’s not an exaggeration. He is that vacuous, that soulless, that traitorous, that cowardly, and that lacking in judgment. It does trouble me immensely that cohorts like Biden can’t help but temper their public criticism of McCain with reminders of how much they like him. It reminds me of Bush as drinking buddy.

With his record of failure in his every endeavor, school, flying, captivity, corruption, infidelity, war-mongering, belonging to the GOP, being tainted by Bush, where does John McCain find traction with the American populace?

How the hell is this contest anticipated to be close, except the issue of Americans resisting the idea of a black president?

Here’s an explanation getting passed around the web:


What if John McCain were a former president of the Harvard Law Review?

What if Barack Obama finished fifth from the bottom of his graduating class?

What if McCain were still married to the first woman he said ‘I do’ to?

What if Obama were the candidate who left his first wife after she no longer measured up to his standards?

What if Michelle Obama were a wife who not only became addicted to pain killers, but acquired them illegally through her charitable organization?

What if Cindy McCain graduated from Harvard and Princeton?

What if Obama were a member of the Keating-5?

What if McCain were a charismatic, eloquent speaker?

If these questions reflected reality, do you really believe the election numbers would be as close as they are?

Is John McCain Sarah Palin’s grandpa?

Seven years after 9/11, and Bush still isn’t interested in catching Osama bin Laden. The only time he ever even thinks of him is around election time, when he uses him to scare up the voters. Well, that’s a Republican for you.
tough questions

On Sept. 11, 2002, John McCain was already trying to lie the country into attacking Iraq.

CREW issues it’s annual 20 Most Corrupt Congressmen report.

Corruption: it’s the Republican way. Bush Interior Dept. mired in scandal.

Unfit to be VP. Judge repeatedly warned Palin to stop attacking her sister’s ex.

CBS orders YouTube to remove McCain ad that deceptively misuses a quote from a CBS anchor to make it look like McCain has CBS’ support.

Don’t go near that dirty old man, son, he’s a Republican. John McCain goes after the child molester vote.

Just say NO to McCain. How John and Cindy McCain covered up her drug addiction, and their retribution against the man that exposed it.

Drunkest drinking game ever: take a drink every time McCain or Palin tell a flat-out obvious lie.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s 9/11 notes, thomasmc.com.

McCain is just another Cheney puppet

The Republican Cult has ended its convention, the nationalistic furvor was enough to make even a German Nazi blush.
feeding lions to christians
Manchurian Candidate McCain accepted the GOP nomination last night. Gawd help us!

This is “freedom” in the GOP.

Cops beat, torture RNC protesters, and innocent bystanders.

Protesters kidnapped at RNC. And you thought China was different.

Over 800 protesters arrested.

Elistist, indeed. Outfit Cindy McCain wore to RNC cost $300,000, more than most American homes.

Sarah “road to nowhere” Palin

Obama has two dads.

GOP operative had charges against Obama assassination conspirators dropped.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Sept 5, thomasmc.com.

Sarah Plain, um, Palin

Cindy McCain elitist bananaSomeone forgot to tell Cindy McCain that the fashion word on Sarah’s big night was “populist.” Cin’s half-peeled banana outfit was examined by the couture analysts at Vanity Fair and the numbers look like this:

Oscar de la Renta dress: $3,000

Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch: $4,500

Three-carat diamond earrings: $280,000

Four-strand pearl necklace: $11,000–$25,000

Shoes, designer unknown, I’m thinking Manolos: $600

Total: about $300,000!

How long until Sarah Plain stops playing moose hunter/hockey mom/sexy librarian and starts sportin’ some real duds? That would make the election season almost bearable.

info via Liza at culturekitchen

Watching the GOP National Convention

WHO ARE ALL THESE IDIOTS? Have you ever seen such a homogeneous bunch? American Fascism doesn’t need Nazi uniforms. It’s in our faces. Those faces. The TV coverage is enough to reveal the ignorance plainly readable in those Republican mugs. Save an RNC commemorative DVD for the medical records to advance the study of stupidity demographics. Probably security firms working on facial feature recognition already know the patterns. These of the genes of dumb chattel. They’re nothing authority has to fear. But march them behind sleazy, immoral predators, and they make for a terrifying bunch. Tonight was a celebration of the basest of personal attacks and the cheerleading of inanity.

More worrying, who are the masses of vacuous morons who elected the party leaders spewing these lies and half baked arguments? Stolen and manipulated elections to be sure, but at some point you have to hold Hawaii, Alaska and NYC for tolerating these pandering asshole pretenders.

Play-by-play: Cindy McCain is dressed as Kermit the Frog. They’re passing Trig around like a hot potato. Snowmobiles are now referred to as “snow machines” in deference to John McCain not knowing what they’re called. Did Bush’s cohorts start talking “nucular” to make their boss look less ignorant?

McCain Only “Gets” Rich People, Dems Out To Get Protesters

It’s a fact that the Democrats treated the protesters with as much contempt as the GOP, it’s obvious their promise of change is just an empty slogan. If they really meant it, they would have embraced the protesters, and used them to point out the need for change, instead of treating them as terrorist suspects for questioning the status quo.

McCain more NeoCon than Bush.

John McCain’s lies about Katrina.

Cindy McCain’s sister says she’s voting for Obama. “I wouldn’t vote for John McCain if he was a Democrat. I would not vote at all before I’d vote for him.”

Pandering to die-hard Clintonistas, McCain picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for VP. I wonder how many Conservatives would actually vote to put a woman a heart beat away from the Oval Office, with McCain as old as he is?

Oh, and she’s under ethics investigation for abuse of power. No wonder he chose her.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 29, thomasmc.com.

NeoChristians worship at the temple of Satanic Capitalist greed in Jesus’ name

Capitalism is the Satanic religion of Greed, and our politicians are its High Priests.

Why is the EPA hiding the facts about the bee die-off?

AP caught telling the truth for once.

Never trust a Zionist. Ever.

McCain plagiarizes Solzhenitsyn for own personal history.

McCain thinks the middle class makes $5 million dollars a year. And of course, his $500 million dollar fortune makes him “just an average guy.”

Cindy McCain has been lying about being “an only child.”

McCain “cheated” at the evangelical debate. Good thing the Jesus freaks don’t consider that a sin…if you’re a Republican.

“Change” we can’t believe in: Barack Obama is the same old bigot in a new disguise. Obama turns against gays at Jesus Hatefest. He declared he is against gays having equal rights in marriage, and said gays needed to be “fixed.” I don’t know who I am voting for, but I do know I will be voting against Barack Obama!

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s notes Aug 20, thomasmc.com.

Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll?

Michelle versus Cindy! Which will make the prettiest Barbie Doll? That’s a tough one, if simply because neither one is standing next to a Ken.

May be that they are standing next to an aging Ken on Cialis, or next to A Ken Look Who’s Coming to Dinner Part Deux? So picking the prettiest Barbie Doll this election doll this year is going to be just a little bit different than in the past.

At least we won’t have Hillary as the Barbie Doll, standing next to her Ken! We just barely missed that fate, thank The Gods! But we must choose a Barbie Doll of some sort, so we won’t get off completely now.

So what do the feminists have to say about this selection-election (erection)? Just kidding on that last -tion, but it rhymed and I had to put it in. So let’s go to alternet to see… The Candidates’ Wives Face Media Sexism
(Quite frankly, I’m surprised to see the feminists put it that way…lol) Media Sexism indeed!

I think that the media is actually doing all of us a service by letting us scrutinize the Barbie Dolls this way. One of the most fun things of all was agogging Laura’s activities during the last 8 years. I loved her book selection and would choose it any day over Oprah’s! She has been kind of a soft and sexy Bush family Barbie.

It’s not like the media is promoting pornography by having us all check out Michelle and Cindy closely. It’s not molesting a child or anything. Michelle and Cindy are not sad (female) victims of an old fashioned Mormon cult, or the like. They have functioning minds of their own. They’re talking dolls!

So I haven’t made up my mind yet. I may wait until the day of the election before finally deciding which one of the two will make the prettiest Barbie Doll for me. They’re both cute! Though I’m leaning and a tilting a little towards Candy Cane!

Republicans: they set the tone in politics and then bitch about the tone in politics.

One of the things I was struck by, as I read the comments at the bottom of news stories about Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View, was how many Conservatives bitched and moaned about how the show wouldn’t give equal time to Cindy McCain. Maybe if they gave more thought to whether what they were saying was true, instead of just — in typical Conservative fashion — flinging their poo at whomever they could like a zoo monkey, they might have found that out that Cindy McCain co-hosted the show in April. And of course, these are the same morons who screech that restoring the FCC Fairness Doctrine would destroy freedom of speech.

Cindy McCain: the ultimate hypocrite. To declare that candidates’ wives should be “off limits,” and then — on the very same day — attack Michelle Obama as “unpatriotic,” makes me wonder if her plastic surgeon has been injecting her botox just a little too deeply.

Hypocrite family values. John W. McCain is bashing Obama for turning down public campaign funding (along with its limits) — never mind that McCain has already done exactly the same thing. Only the terminally stupid or certifiably insane could buy their crap.

Why is it the only way John McCain ever gets asked a real question is when a heckler shows up?

Will the Israeli Mossad assassinate Obama?

Hundreds of military helicopters terrorize Denver. My guess is Cheney is planning a false-flag terrorist attack for the Democratic National Convention in August.

Treason Party. Useless House Democrats vote to legalize Bush’s unconstitutional spying on Americans, and give telecoms immunity for their complicity in his crimes. Anyone who doesn’t see that the Democrats have become just another mask for the NeoFascists is a fool. Our constitutional democracy is dead, and the Democrats are as much to blame for it as the Republicans. If Bush doesn’t suspend the Consitution and declare himself dictator for life soon, the Democrats will probably do it for him.

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s notes, June 21, thomasmc.com

If stupidity were an energy source, Republicans could save the world!

Desperate Clintonistas. Psychopathic liar (as proven by not one, but TWO lie detector tests) Larry Sinclair arrested at press conference where he again claimed he was Barack Obama’s crack whore.

John McCain, creepiest presidential candidate, ever!

So, Ms. McCain thinks it’s ok to go after a presidential candidate’s wife? Ok, who’s going to be the first to ask her about her past – and possibly current – drug addictions? If the McCain camp is smart, they will lock her up until after the election. Her proving she’s a cold-hearted bitch isn’t going to win him any votes, especially when she is contrasted with a class-act like Michelle Obama. Cindy McCain thinks that just being filthy rich somehow makes her classy. It doesn’t, and her mouth proves it. Her only talent is scaring small children. Between her facial plastic surgeries, and pulling her hair back as tight as possible, she looks like she’s falling backwards into a black hole.

Transcendental Politication.

Dennis Kucinich says if Judiciary Committee ignores his 35 articles of impeachment for 30 days, he will reintroduce with 60.

If stupidity were an energy source, Republicans could save the world!

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s June 19 notes, thomasmc.com.

Cindy McCain Schneewittchen Konigin

Senator John McCain and 2nd wife Cindy Lou Hensley McCainI don’t know why, but platinum blond hair and motel pool blue eyes always give me the creeps. The photo editor who chose this picture probably has the same phobia. I’ve only recently taken notice that bleach-blonds predominate regressive politics. It’s not funny.
Cindy Lou is heir to an Anheuser-Busch distributorship, and was a Kappa Alpha, like Laura Bush, the Bush daughters, and Lynne Cheney.