Obama not to change a thing

military-budgetObama is not going to change a thing and that is not me saying it, but one of Obama’s chief aides, or at least so thinks the Wall Street Journal. OCTOBER 3, 2008 Obama Adviser Doesn’t Expect Defense Cuts

Isn’t that just nice? Here we have all the people screaming before about Bush’s War, and now they are almost all planning to vote for a guy who’s going to keep the War Budget right where it’s at! Why? Well they are Democrats, aren’t they?

This gets even worse when one thinks about what the bloated military budget and the deficit spending keeping it afloat is doing to the American and world economies. Where is Mr. Change here? He is for sinking the US people and the US dollar straight down into the gutter. He is for draining the country of its wealth and putting it into the private hands of a very few. He is for a bloated military. He is for permanent war.

What strikes one about the ruling classes servants, McCain and Obama, is how much alike they really are in their political programs of give away to the super rich. It is no accident that neither had the slightest difference in how they came out to support Bush’s Federal Giveaway program for the looters from the US Treasury. Neither said that they had alternative programs for America that $700,000,000,000 could better be spent upon. Not a whisper of difference between the two. They’re both with the Big Boys.

If you are looking for a move away from US militarism under Obama, then look again. Both the Republicans and Democrats are completely controlled by the military suppliers;companies like Lockheed, Boeing , Northrop, etc. ‘Scrubbing’ them my ass! The only scrubbing that will get done by Obama and his sidekicks will be the American general public and not the military suppliers. I don’t believe he’ll touch them in the least, do you?

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  1. The Military Industrial Complex wins every election.

    When Obama started his campaign, I was hopeful he would actually be something different, but I was also skeptical. Once burned, twice shy. My cynicism was right on target, as every day that goes by he morphs more and more into just a third term for Dubya’s failed military policies. In some ways, he has even gone further to the right than McCain. Regardless of who wins in November, WE THE PEOPLE will be the losers.

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