Obama should lead or get out of the way

Democrats: more useless than a pile of raccoon dung on your deck. Obama’s supporting the new FISA bill, which legalizes Bush’s unconstitutional spying on Americans, and immunizes telecoms for their conspiracy.
Either lead or get out of the way. Obama is now claiming he will “try” to get immunity removed from the bill. He is now the leader of the Democratic Party, if he can’t convince them to drop it, then he isn’t a leader, and should not be their nominee. Period.

Senile old man running for president offers $300 million for car battery. Why do I suspect that he has a winner in mind, and it’s a campaign contributor?

The Real McCain: The media portray him as a GOP maverick. He’s really a die-hard conservative.

Excerpted from Thomas McCullock’s notes, June 23, thomasmc.com.

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