Zimbabwe, caught between 2 groups of gangsters

Pity the poor people of Zimbabwe, who have found themselves caught in the crossfire between two groups of gangsters.

One group of gangsters is made up of the Black clique around home towner Mugabe, while the other bigger group of gangsters is White, and is centered in the foreign capitals of DC, London, Paris, Germany, Belgium, etc. These White gangsters have been campaigning against the Black gangsters for years, and the common folk of Zimbabwe have become the injured and dead victims falling down in the battle for control.

Ground Zero of the White Gangster camp has to be Great Britain, the ex-colonial controller of Zimbabwe. There, the Whites just drool with hatred of the Black gang that had gained ground on them. How to overturn the situation?

The solution was in ‘elections’. There, the control over financing, control over the international press, the control over the international imperialist armed forces, could all be brought out as heavy artillery. The common people got caught in the crossfire.

London’s man, has now run off to the Dutch Embassy… Tsvangirai seeks embassy refuge for help. Condi Rice, amongst others, will see what she can do? It is a pitiful drama now being played out, and though one can have little sympathy with the Black Gangsters, the White ones are even worse. The poor people caught in between…

I just visited a country whose people fell in between local and international crowds of gangsters. The country of Nicaragua, now living the lowest standard of life in the Americas, outside of Haiti. This is a county whose people fell back into the clutches of the White Gangsters of DC through an ‘election’. We forget the war though, as is the same these days as in the case of Zimbabwe. Pity the people caught in the crossfire…

2 thoughts on “Zimbabwe, caught between 2 groups of gangsters

  1. The equivalency you suggest is only in your head.

    Mugabwe destroyed the economy of Zimbabwe and repressed its people. The first world countries asked him to give his people another choice of leadership. He assented until it appeared that he would lose and then tried to repress the opposition and throw the elections.

    Colonialism did contribute to the problem, but not in the way that you suggest. Colonialism created the gross economic inequalities along racial lines that sustained Zimbabwe’s economy, but at the same time gave Mugabwe a reason to want to destroy the ruling elite. The trouble was that destroying the ruling elite is a bad idea until you have something capable of replacing it. He didn’t and Zimbabwe fell apart.

    The Colonialism that did the harm is the one that created Zimbabwe’s modern economy, not the first world voices trying to tell Mugabwe that he screwed up.

  2. There is no ‘equivalency’ that I saw between the 2 groups of gangsters, ohwilleke. You missed the whole point of what I was saying in your own rush to paint the imperialist White Gangsters as being sweethearts.

    In your view, the White Gangsters messed up by being colonialists and imperialists in the past, but have now all reformed themselves and are now solely trying to intervene as good folk trying to help out Blacks in Zimbabwe. Your perspective on this matter is too comical for words, in my opinion. You want to think of the Brit and US governments as being some sort of Christlike grouping galloping up to save Black Zimbabweans! Yeah. This is a Bizarro World view you have, though many Americans and Brits share it!

    I never had this sense of equivalency about the 2 groups of gangsters, one Black and the other White, that you attributed me as having. The White gangsters are much worse than the Black Gangsters I believe, and you have to be blind to think otherwise. Far from coming to help people, the White Gangsters are merely trying to continue their looting of the mainly ‘Black Continent’. Black Zimbabwean Gangsters are hardly out to loot Europe or the Americas.

    What is entirely missing from your ability to see , is the economic sabotage the White Gangsters have used with their sanctions. You act as if there was no such thing! Instead, you say Mugabe is the only guy to blame for the mess in Zimbabwe, for his having destroyed the White Gangster elites. You praise the White Gangsters as humanitarians, instead of condemning them for the international economic sabotage that they continually push in Zimbabwe to try to regain their White Gangster control over the country.

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