Pigs supporting the veterans…

ivaw-marchby Adam1010 on Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:17 pm
My cousin emailed me this sad news today:


Please make your friends and family aware of this incident, described, below.

For more details see: http://ivaw.org/

Dear friends and supporters,

Yesterday Veterans For Peace Long Island was privileged to march in
solidarity with the Iraq Veterans Against the War to the front gates
of Hofstra University. As I am sure you are aware, the peaceful march
to express concerns to the Presidential candidates was meet with
unprovoked violence and brutality by the Nassau County Police.
Following a mounted police assault in which we all peaceably moved
back from the front gate of Hofstra, the Police abusively sought out
and arrested members of IVAW. Three veterans were injured in the
assault and taken to local hospitals. In all fifteen demonstrators
were arrested, twelve of them Iraq War veterans.

The Hempstead 15 will be arraigned on November 10 and VFPLI will be
there to stand in solidarity with those who continue to sacrifice so
much for our country. Please remember them and join us
to support our courageous brothers and sisters and to demonstrate to
our representatives that such police brutality will not be tolerated
on Long Island.

Peace and justice for the Hempstead 15.

The following photos are of Nick Morgan, IVAW member, after the above described police assault targeting Iraq veterans exercising their rights to freedom of speech and assembly. His injury is a result of being trampled by one of the police horses. He suffered a broken cheekbone.

The photos were taken by Vietnam Veterans Against the War member Bill Perry.

Pigs on horses posting up

Immediately after the pigs showed their support

being tended by his comrade


I bet their mommas must be real damn proud…

1 thought on “Pigs supporting the veterans…

  1. Military veterans working for the System are ‘adored’ but let them oppose it for once, and then they will be attacked alongside the rest of us who actively oppose the power elites.

    Ultimately the power the ruling class exercises over all the rest of us lies purely on their ability to use brute force. That’s why, too, street level Right Wing pinheads are actually such cowardly people, folk merely hiding all their ideological bullshit behind the aprons of the cops and military and super rich.

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